Health CareTravel Advice for CBD Lover: Can You Take CBD Oil on Planes in the UK?

Travel Advice for CBD Lover: Can You Take CBD Oil on Planes in the UK?

CBD oil has become increasingly popular in recent years, taking the health and wellness industry by a storm given its many benefits for our bodies. Indeed, some have even gone as far as using it for their pet’s health too.

In recent years, there has been more research carried out to understand CBD better and ways you can use it for your health. The way CBD has a positive impact on our bodies is through its interaction with our endocannabinoid receptors in the body. These influence a range of functions in the body such as mood, appetite, sleep, pain, and the central nervous system. Because of this, many people have begun taking CBD daily to help improve their health and wellbeing.

You can find CBD in a range of products depending on your taste and preference for taking the supplement such as CBD oil, CBD gummies, drinks like CBD tea and CBD coffee, and even CBD topicals.

Despite its soaring popularity, there are many people who are still sceptical over its safety, and many are confused over the legalities of CBD.

Is CBD Legal?

Many associate cannabis use with the illegal highs, crime, and substance misuse. However, CBD is different. Notably it does not cause psychotic highs and can be used safely to promote your health. There are often conditions that need to be met to determine whether CBD is legal. If a CBD product it contains less than 0.2% of THC, CBD is now legal in many countries. Any more levels of THC, and it can be considered classified cannabis. The passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 meant that CBD is legal in all 50 states in the U.S. Each country that has legalised CBD has its legislation and rules regarding the cultivation of hemp plants. Therefore, it is important to research the rules in your home country before buying it.

Not only is it important to check the legalities of CBD in countries you visit, but it’s vital to use a trusted supplier when purchasing CBD. It’s important to ensure that the CBD producer you opt to go with is approved by the CTA. A reputable supplier of CBD will have the CTA stamp on their website, so it’s something to look out for.

Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane in the UK?

You’ll be pleased to know that it’s completely legal to fly to and rom the UK with a CBD product in your luggage if it meets the legal requirements. Meaning, it doesn’t contain more than 1mg of THC and is labelled as a food supplement.

If you use CBD for medicinal purposes, it’s best to carry the prescription and letter of authorisation on your person while travelling with CBD.

Taking CBD oil on planes is easy enough in terms of packing. CBD oil is effectively a liquid, so you can either put it in your hold luggage or carry it in your hand luggage if the amount is withing the liquid limits. Indeed, if you’re taking CBD oil on planes, it needs to be less than 100ml and be visible in a clear plastic bag, as per the rules for any liquid being taken through airport security.

For many, taking CBD oil on planes can help them with anxiety and nerves while flying. There is plenty of research that states CBD can help reduce rates of anxiety. It does so by reacting with various elements in the brain, mainly the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are attached to our nervous system.  These receptors are responsible for changing the anxiety levels in your brain. One of the major ways that CBD is thought to help with anxiety is that it has a positive effect on serotonin levels. Therefore, if you’re a nervous flyer and suffer with high anxiety when it comes to travelling, taking CBD in the lead up to trips while taking CBD oil on planes with you during flights may help.

If you’re planning on travelling to another country with CBD, we would thoroughly recommend doing your research first so that you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law. Since the legalities surrounding CBD varies from country to country, it’s important you check with your airline and your destination airport that they are happy for you to travel with CBD oil before you set off on your journey.

The last thing you need when taking CBD oil on planes when you travel is any disruption due to your lack of research. Always do your research to guarantee a smooth and worry-free flights.

Can You Take CBD Gummies on a Plane?

Another popular way of how to use CBD oil is through food and drink. CBD Gummies are popular among those who wish to take CBD in a more disguised fashion. Though, bear in mind this method has a slow uptake time.

When it comes to travelling CBD gummies, the rules are similar. If they oblige to being less than 0.3% THC, they’re perfectly legal to bring onto a flight in either carry-ons or checked bags. So, can you take CBD gummies on a plane? Yes, you can!

Taking CBD Oil on a Plane Back to the UK

What happens if you’re travelling from the other side of the world, such as a long-haul destination back to the UK – can you take CBD oil on planes in this instance?

Even if you have purchased you CBD legally elsewhere in the world, and you’re safe to bring on board with you from that country, then you can take CBD oil on a plane back to the UK, if it follows customs regulations and UK law as previously mentioned.

It’s important to check your limitations anyway since you have a personal allowance on most flights when it comes to the number of goods you bring back with you for yourself or as gifts. For example, there are limits on alcohol, tobacco, and souvenirs. So, it’s always worth checking.

Every country has its own set of customs rules and security laws which will need to be considered before you leave home.

Jay is a CBD enthusiast and wellness expert who has spent many years studying the impacts of CBD on the human body and on pets such as dogs and cats. His expertise crosses both the physical and mental impacts of CBD. Jay is a regular consumer of products such as gummies and oils, and is passionate about sharing the wide ranging benefits of CBD.

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