Voyager CBD

At Zeal CBD, we are proud to stock Voyager CBD as they have such a wide range of well-reviewed products. Whether you’re looking for a CBD oil or something different, like bath salt, body scrub, massage oil, or hemp face clothes, this brand has you covered. Their variety of products gives you the flexibility to absorb CBD in far more than one way. Order from our online CBD shop and spend over £60 to qualify for free delivery. Order by 2 pm if you’d like your order sent out that same day.

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Who is Voyager CBD?


Voyager CBD is based in the UK in Perth and was created back in 2020. They focus on supplying their loyal customers with high-quality CBD and hemp products, which include edibles, bath products, oils, and CBD topical creams. Their philosophy of plant-based health and wellness is created to help people take as much care of themselves as they possibly can. Growing at a fast pace, Voyager is quickly gaining loyal customers and developing its product range. They keep affordability in mind while opening more stores across the UK and they now have over 42 products. Browse their CBD collection at Zeal CBD, and add whatever takes your fancy to your online shopping basket.


Voyager CBD Bath Products


You will not find such an array of CBD bath products quite like the CBD bath range by Voyager. They create everything from bath salts to body scrub and even hemp beard balm for men to say smooth. The topical CBD products created by this brand are ideal for beating stress, reducing symptoms of anxiety, and are ideal for practising self-care and relaxation. This brand considers different skin types and skin conditions, so make sure you view their products thoroughly to find the right product for you. The luxurious soaps and bars make excellent presents if you’re looking to treat someone else with a CBD-infused bath product. Aromatherapy is paired with CBD to make some of the best chill-out products you can find on the market.


Voyager CBD Edibles


If you prefer to chew and eat your daily intake, Voyager CBD also has products suitable for you. They have CBD gummies and oils that are portable and ideal to carry around every day in a bag or pocket. One of the advantages of CBD is you can take it on the go and expect to see fast results. The same goes for the CBD oil that can be carried around and will need to be dropped under your tongue a few times a day. Edibles are ideal for targeting more internal health issues, like stress and anxiety, whereas creams and topical are more suitable for external use. Some edibles do help target muscle pain and inflammation too, so look out for these if this is what you want to target when taking CBD.


Voyager CBD Products to Relief Pain


If you are looking to specifically relieve muscle and joint pain, there are Voyager CBD balms that can work in a few minutes after being rubbed onto the area that is affecting you. Whether you’re suffering from chronic or temporary pain, muscle salve or cooling cream could be exactly what you need to reduce the pain.


Voyager CBD FAQ

How long does it take for Voyager CBD bath salts to dissolve?

If you go for the Voyager CBD bath salts, they will take up to 15-20 minutes to dissolve into a hot bath, and you will need 2-3 handfuls per bath. Pair them with candles for an extra special ambience. An ideal way to de-stress after a long day!

What flavours do the Voyager CBD come in?

The CBD gummies come in a pack with a mixture of flavours, including watermelon, apple, lemon, and mango. They are fun to eat and infused with CBD isolate. Ideal for those who want their CBD pre-measured in an edible form.

How strong is the Voyager CBD oil?

The CBD oil comes in a range of different strengths, starting from 500mg going up to 3000mg. If you go for the 3000mg CBD oil, the bottle will work out as 30% CBD. It is best to go for lower measures of CBD if you’re a beginner and higher ones if you are a more experienced user. However, this is completely up to you.

What ingredients does the Voyager CBD Hemp Beard Balm contain?

Inside the CBD hemp beard balm, you will find a combination of jojoba oil, CBD, macadamia nut oil, and vitamin E. Ideal for keeping a smooth beard.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.