Ultracalm CBD


Ultracalm is one of the most premium CBD brands we stock at Zeal CBD for skincare products that promote self-care. Using CBD is all about learning to wind down and let your body relax, and Ultracalm promotes exactly this with their bath bombs, massage oils, shampoo bars, deep muscle massage cream and much more. What more could you want from a brand? Pick out your favourite CBD products from the Ultracalm range on our online CBD shop and spend over £60 to qualify for free delivery. Order by 2 pm for same day dispatch.

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Who is Ultracalm CBD?


Ultracalm is a Vegan-friendly brand with an array of products that are ideal for pampering and feeling your best. The CBD infused range is available in different CBD strengths, and you can try out CBD in a range of different ways with Ultracalm CBD products. Go for the products made by this popular brand if you’re seeking some self-care and me time.


Ultracalm CBD Pain Relieving Products


For those who know they want to get pain relief specifically from their CBD products, it’s best to go for products that can be directly applied and rubbed onto your muscles for instant relief. The Ultracalm CBD deep muscles creams and balms are ideal for this and are available with up to 250mg of CBD inside the product, perfect for fighting inflammation. You can take a long bath to relieve your muscles and let go of anxiety after a hard day. There is no better way to do this than with a CBD bath bomb in a flavour of your choice. After your bath, you can use some Ultracalm CBD foot balm and lip balm to feel extra revitalised and calm. It will be easier to shake off a bad mood and sleep deeper after using these magical Ultracalm CBD products.

Ultracalm CBD FAQs

Does Ultracalm CBD have any products that can be taken internally?

No, at Zeal CBD we only stock Ultracalm CBD products that target external muscle pain and won’t help you with long-term anxiety or depression, for example. It’s best to pair up external creams with internal CBD if you want the most powerful outcome from CBD.

Is it better to go for the Ultracalm muscle balm or muscle massage cream?

This will be a personal choice, but the muscle balm is created for joints and muscles aches and will relieve stiffness. The muscle massage cream will target deep tissue muscle and relieve tired, sore muscles. You can try out a combination of the two if you have all of these symptoms of muscle pain bothering you.

What flavours can you buy the luxury Ultracalm CBD massage oil bath bombs in?

You will have the choice of either bergamot or lavender flavour if you are adding a CBD massage oil bath bomb to your shopping basket. An ideal product for practising self-care and letting the CBD oil gradually sink into your skin.

Are Ultracalm CBD bath bombs Vegan?

Yes, the Ultracalm CBD bath bombs are completely Vegan, so you won’t have trouble if you’re practising this lifestyle. All of their products are free from any nasties and are made with natural essential oils.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.