Designed with pure essential oils and all-natural fruit and plant extracts, the TREET CBD range is one of a kind. Browse our online CBD shop and purchase today, with orders over £60 getting free delivery. Go on, TREET yourself!

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About TREET CBD – Production


TREET CBD uses high-quality suppliers to source their CBD, pure essential oils and all-natural fruit and plant extracts. TREET take time to ensure all their ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free while maintaining a commitment to sustainability in their business process.

TREET CBD vaping liquids products are created using the perfect blend of botanicals and vape liquid bases to create a pleasurable vaping experience while benefiting your mood, stress levels and pain sensations.


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Our online CBD shop stocks many brands, but TREET CBD is up there with the largest brand catalogues of product offerings. TREET’s extensive product catalogue makes it easy for you to choose the perfect combination for your health. Here’s a quick overview of the main categories:


  • Disposable CBD Pens by TREET – Each disposable TREET CBD pen contains 100mg of pure organic CBD isolate and natural flavour extracts. They are a very affordable and convenient way to vape since there’s no need to maintain vaping equipment.
  • CBD E-Liquids by TREET – TREET have created an extensive selection of naturally-flavoured CBD E-liquids for CBD Vaping. They contain zero nicotine and no traces of THC, which is an excellent option for vapers who wish to quit nicotine and benefit from CBD. They are also very affordable.
  • TREET CBD Oil Tinctures – TREET offers full-spectrum CBD Oils in different flavours and dosages (mild and strong). TREET’s oral CBD oils and sprays use all-natural ingredients blended to support you with specific health complaints.
  • TREET CBD Skincare – From shower and bath products to CBD balms and creams, TREEY has some fantastic options to help you relax and unwind. Their lotions help your skin feel soft and supple with a beautiful aroma. They are an excellent remedy for muscle soreness and aches.
  • TREET CBD Edibles – From gummies, to capsules and drinks, there are many ways you can take CBD more discreetly.


If you feel unsure which CBD product is best for you, we have an extensive catalogue of products offering various uptake methods suitable for different lifestyle needs. There is plenty to choose from with something to suit your needs and lifestyle.



What is the correct TREET CBD dosage for me?

While the TREET CBD oil dropper can offer more accurate dosages than edibles, it is essential to note there is no correct way to know the perfect dosage for you without considering your weight, body chemistry, and the CBC potency product. The benefits associated with CBD is thought to stem from how CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system. Our ECS changes over time, therefore your optimal dosage may fluctuate. To understand the best dosage for yourself, you need to start small and work your way up – it takes some trial and error to see what dose you need to experience the effects of CBD.

What is a disposable TREET CBD pen?

Disposable TREET CBD vape pens are another way of consuming CBD best suited for beginners or those looking to stay away from cigarettes. CBD vape pens have everything you need to start vaping CBD right out of the box. They boast the convenience of not maintaining, cleaning, and refilling a vaporizer. The vape pens come pre-filled with your favourite CBD vape liquid flavours and are pre-charged.

Can you recycle the TREET pens?

Yes! TREET has made it clear that you can recycle the lithium-ion batteries used in their pens. Research your nearest lithium-ion battery drop-offs. Most UK cities also offer special recycling options for electronics and hazardous waste if you aren’t close to one.

How long do the TREET CBD edibles take to kick in?

Edible CBD products can take longer to come into effect than other uptake types like topicals or CBD oils absorbed sublingually. The CBD edibles must bypass the digestive system and be processed by the liver (where the liver’s enzymes somewhat reduce the CBD concentration) before finally entering the bloodstream and subsequently taking effect. Depending on other factors, this process can span 30, 60, and even 90+ minutes. Take the TREET CBD 30-60 minutes before you want the effects to kick in for the best results. However, you might notice the effects kick in sooner – it all depends on the user.

How long will a TREET CBD pen last me?

Each pen provides approximately 100-150 breaths of CBD infused vapour. Depending on the user and how frequent you vape, a single pen should last between one and two weeks. The more you vape, the less it will last.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.