Simply CBD Bronzer

Simply CBD Bronzer is one of the best fake tanning CBD brands on the market and we are proud to stock them here at Zeal CBD. If you are looking for CBD skincare products that will rejuvenate your skin, relieve pain, calm irritation, reduce acne and inflammation, and also provide hydration, Simply CBD could be the brand to go for. Their products contain antibacterial antioxidants and antimicrobial properties to give your skin that extra special attention it needs while giving you a natural-looking tan.

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Who is Simply CBD?

Simply CBD Bronzer is a beauty supplier based in the UK and has been on the market for a few years, they are all about taking time to love your skin and accept your body. Their skincare CBD body lotion products are ideal for those who want to fake tan and bronze their skin while reaping the benefits of CBD. They use aloe vera and green tea within their CBD skincare products due to their beneficial properties. Green tea extract is rich in vitamin B2, which supports collagen levels and vitamin E that promotes skin growth. Combined with aloe vera’s hydrating, moisturising, and reduced inflammation properties, Simply CBD products will help to improve your skin. Browse their range if you’d like to target external health with CBD topical products and give your skin a glowing colour all year round. All Simply products are Vegan-friendly and this brand pride itself on being cruelty-free.


Simply CBD UK Tanning Products

For women or men who want a bit of colour before going away on holiday, CBD-infused fake tan could be your new go-to cosmetic. Whether you want to brighten up your face or body, Simply CBD makes their spray tanning mousse with natural ingredients that will never cause irritation. With a low risk of negatively affecting your skin, Simply Bronzer mousses are suitable to use on most skin types and can even help diminish skin conditions. Feel your best after applying Simply tanning mousse that has a convenient self-tanning pump spray for easy application. Avoid damaging sunbeds and use natural methods to achieve the skin colour you want for the warm summer months. You will never feel pale again once you start using Simply CBD UK tanning products.


If your skin is looking healthy, it will help your tan to appear more natural and give you a beautiful sun-kissed complexion. Each 200ml tanning lotion bottle contains 75mg of CBD that will seep into your skin gradually after application. With a guaranteed long-lasting bronze colour, you won’t be able to tell you’re wearing tanning mousse with this product. Top marks for colour and health!

Simply CBD UK FAQs

How do you apply Simply CBD self-tanning products?

It’s best to use a self-tanning mitt to apply your fake tan in an even layer onto your skin, this could be on your face or your body. Rub it in gently and use a small amount at a time, don’t put too much onto your skin as it won’t look even. There is nothing worse than uneven streaky fake tan, so rub slowly and gently.

Do Simply CBD products contain any THC?

No, they don’t contain any THC within them and if they do, it would be under 0.2% as the UK laws and guidelines state. None of the products created by Simply are designed to make you feel ‘high’ they are made for relaxation purposes.

Is the CBD in Simply tanning products organic?

Simply harvest their CBD from hemp which is of course a member of the cannabis plant family. The CBD they use is completely organic and has been processed and refined to contain no THC.

Can you use Simply CBD tanning products if you have skin conditions?

For those who suffer from eczema, acne, inflammation, or psoriasis, you can still use Simply products, and they may help reduce your symptoms of skin conditions. The products will naturally cling to thicker skin meaning after the first couple of uses your tan might look patchy if you have rough skin. This won’t last for long if you keep evenly applying the tanning spray, it will usually help reduce irritated skin and make it less inflamed. Double-check all labels before applying any CBD skin products.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.