Realest CBD

Realest CBD is one of the brands we are proud to stock at Zeal CBD, due to their array of different products that enable you to find the best way to take CBD for you. Whether you want to absorb CBD through your tongue, by inhaling it or mixing it into food/drinks, the choice is yours. For those who want to try out a few Realest CBD products, you will qualify for free delivery if you spend over £60 on our online CBD shop. Remember by 2 pm if you’d like your order dispatched the same day.

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Who is Realest CBD?


Realest CBD is a brand with many products to offer and a range of different strengths of CBD. Whether you’re new to CBD, this is a great brand to get you started with some of the best products. You can tell Realest CBD are reliable, down to their huge selection of well-reviewed products. They pride themselves on using high-quality ingredients and all their CBD products are thoroughly tested before they hit the shelves and your shopping basket. All products are Vegan and Organic.


Realest CBD Isolates  


If you are looking for a product that has a high strength of CBD to help with chronic or temporary pain, the Realest CBD Isolates are proven to reduce pain. Completely free from any harmful chemicals, there are 5000mg and 4000mg options that will typically focus on targeting discomfort within your body, whether it’s from playing a sport or over-exercising. Realest CBD isolate products are odourless, flavourless, and 99%+ Pure CBG Isolate. You for the Realest CBD isolate if you want a product that is naturally extracted.


Realest CBD Crumble


Extracted from Hemp, Realest CBD Crumble is ideal to be ‘crumbled’ and taken in a range of different ways. CBD crumble will mainly target health issues like aches and pains. A highly concentrated, pure CBD option.


Realest CBD Oils


Realest CBD has a huge range of oils available, if you are looking for variety this could be the brand to go for. Their CBD oils range from 250mg in strength and go up to a strong 2500mg. Depending on how familiar you are with CBD, you can go for a CBD strength to suit you. Those who go for stronger CBD oils can gradually start slow and then add more CBD into their daily routine, of course never exceeding the limit that will be stated on the product label or in the box. The CBD oils are in 10ml bottles, ideal for taking on the go to diminish symptoms of anxiety and boost your mood.


Realest CBD Raw Paste


One of the more unique products Realest CBD offers is the raw paste, it’s a raw CO2 extracted CBG paste that’s unrefined and 100% natural. Raw CBD paste will help to improve mood, reduce anxiety, and promote sleep hygiene. Inside the Realest CBD raw paste, you will find fats, amino acids, terpenes, and natural cannabinoids. Go for this product if you’re seeking something pure that will directly interact with the brain’s CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors, helping to maximise health benefits.


Realest FAQs

How do you ingest CBD Realest crumble?

To take CBD in a crumble form by dabbing it on your gums, crumbling it into tobacco or if you enjoy vaping, you can add it to e-liquid. Realest CBD crumbles are a versatile option for those who might like to take their CBD in a range of different ways and change the method up depending on the day.

How does CBD crumble feel in your hands?

If you have never touched CBD crumble before, it is waxy consistency and can be delicate, ideal for crumbling. It can then easier be dabbed or added to cigarettes.

Do Realest CBD products contain any THC?

No, Realest CBD products are free from THC and would only ever contain under 0.2% if any. In the UK this is the legal amount products on the market can contain. Realest CBD products are designed to make you feel relaxed, rather than ‘high’.

What is the strongest Realest CBD product?

The strongest Realest CBD product at Zeal CBD is the isolate that can be purchased in a 5000mg strength. If you need some pain relief, this would be the best product to go for.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.