With a range of CBD drinks and juices that can provide a hit of CBD every day, RE+ CBD is a brand looking to make getting your dose as easy and tasty as ever. Browse their full range here in our online CBD shop and pair them with other edibles and drinks within our range. Buy now for free delivery on orders above £60.

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RE Plus CBD Drinks


Re Plus drinks infuse the natural benefits of cannabidiol with tasty natural ingredients that make getting your daily dose a joy. Whereas taking CBD capsules or oils are more practical and provide a no-nonsense approach, RE + shots make getting your daily dosage more exciting and are crammed full of delicious ingredients. If you aren’t a fan of the natural hemp taste of some CBD products, the RE plus CBD range have a tropical twist bursting with flavour. Not only are their tropical flavours such as passionfruit, mango, and peach, but there are Vitamins B3, B6, B7 and B12 present as well as CBD extract and more. Whilst small in size at 60ml, RE+ CBD shots contain 25mg of CBD extract making it perfect to meet your daily quota.

Each shot of RE+ CBD drink contains 6 botanical extracts as well as full-spectrum CBD and contains trace amounts of THC, under 0.2%. This means there are no ‘high’ or psychoactive side effects from usage and means you can enjoy guilt-free use every day. Never has looking after your health and wellbeing been so mouth-wateringly good.


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RE Plus CBD Drinks put your health at the heart of what they do, using only natural ingredients that means they are also Vegan friendly and contain no added sugar or preservatives. Taking one shot per day is enough to help assist with many aspects of life, whether you have symptoms relating to stress and anxiety, need help sleeping better at night or improving focus during the day.

Here at Zeal CBD, we can provide a wide range of different CBD solutions to fit into your lifestyle, from many great brands. Why not discover products from XYLEM CBD, Naturecan UK, or Cali Greens to name a few.

Browse our range of CBD skincare products such as shampoo or moisturiser to help your skin to glow, or find CBD E-liquids if you prefer to inhale your CBD. You’ll find plenty to choose from and increase your CBD intake in the way that works best for your busy life. Have any questions about RE+ CBD shots and infused drinks? Please get in touch with any queries today.



What are CBD Infused Drinks like RE Plus?

CBD infused drinks take the natural goodness of cannabidiol and combine them with ready-made solutions, making it easy to enjoy as part of your day. Whereas you could add CBD oil drops to your drinks or water, CBD infused drinks make this process much quicker and with the correct dosage rather than having to self-regulate. With RE Plus drinks and shots, you have plenty of great taste as well as additional natural ingredients such as turmeric, Sicilian lemon juice and ashwagandha.

How Much CBD is in a RE+ Drink?

There is 25mg of CBD contained within a 60ml health shot from RE+ CBD, enough for a daily dose. The CBD contained is high-quality and water-soluble so that you won’t lose the benefits within the drink. This means its bioavailability is high and provides a tasty alternative to taking oil drops or other CBD products, especially if you don’t like the taste of natural hemp.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.