RE:CV:RY manufactures CBD products that can help assist your body post-workout as well as provide general wellbeing benefits. Available in oral sprays, oils, and capsules, browse the RE:CV:RY CBD range here in our online CBD shop. RE:CV:RY food supplements can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Buy today and get free delivery on orders over £60.

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RE:CV:RY CBD Capsules, Sprays & Oils


Having a go-to brand for those who lead active lifestyles is important to ensure you always look and feel great. The range of RE:CV:RY CBD products are designed to be that brand you want to use again and again, developing CBD oils, capsules and sprays that make increasing your CBD intake daily a breeze. As food supplements, they are best taken along with an active lifestyle and a balanced, healthy diet, helping to maximise benefits. CBD is known for its natural anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it’s ideal for those pre and post-workout routines or for people who have regular active days where recovery needs to be fast. If you’d rather not have prolonged injuries or muscles aches and pains, using RE:CV:RY CBD capsules each day is an easy way to assist with bouncing back quickly.

If you are new to taking supplements as part of your routine, it couldn’t be simpler to get started with RE:CV:RY CBD. Their oils are available in different CBD concentrate, from 350mg to 1000mg, providing a powerful formula, with each serving providing approx. 5mg of CBD. 3 drops per day are all that is needed, adding under the tongue for faster absorption. It’s a full-spectrum CBD oil produced from organic hemp seed oil and pure Cannabis Sativa L extract, so only a few drops per day is required. Their liquid oral sprays work similarly and require just 3 sprays per day when used. CBD sprays can be more convenient than oils making them perfect for on the go use.

Using RE:CV:RY CBD capsules involves 1-2 capsules per day and each serving provides 10mg of CBD. Their capsules provide fast absorption with increased bioavailability and include coffee extract, magnesium, and Vitamin B12. Whichever RE:CV:RY CBD product you choose, you can start to benefit from CBD usage straightaway.


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If being able to aid relaxation and soothe aching muscles and joints with pain relief is your need, the RE:CV:RY CBD range can help. We stock a variety of different brands at Zeal CBD providing many different types of CBD products. If oils, sprays and capsules aren’t your thing, then we have plenty of CBD edibles, energy drinks and protein shakes, as well as CBD infused skincare instead. There are many ways to enjoy CBD as part of your daily routine and begin to enjoy the advantages of THC free, natural CBD.

Have any questions about the product range from RE:CV:RY CBD? Contact us and we’ll look to help with your query. If you want to browse other brands we stock, why not check out Hempassion CBDAlfa Labs, Clearly Supplements and many more online.



What are RE:CV:RY CBD Sprays?

Oral sprays from RE:CV:RY CBD are a convenient way to dose up each day if you prefer not to use capsules or oils. Just a few sprays each day directly into your mouth under the tongue can be absorbed quickly into your bloodstream. You will need to hold for 30 seconds before swallowing to be most effective, similar to using CBD oil.

Can RE:CV:RY CBD Products Help After a Workout?

Yes, CBD can assist with recovery, so the product range from RE:CV:RY CBD is ideal when used before or after a workout, playing sports, or just an active lifestyle. As CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, regular use can assist with speeding up the body’s response to tired, aching muscles. CBD studies also suggest it can assist with heart health and the immune system too, reacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.