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With a range of premium-quality terpenes, isolates and crumble, Purple Dank provide everything you need to enjoy CBD as part of a healthy lifestyle. The brand includes Purple Dabz which features only Oregon farmed, Colorado extracted CBD. You can browse our online CBD shop and discover everything Purple Dank have to offer. Buy now and get free delivery on orders over £60.


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Purple Dank CBD Isolates, Crumble, Oils & More


With an emphasis on providing high-quality CBD products, the UK Purple Dank range is full of simple to use options that can be added to your daily routine. Whether you are a fan of CBD oils or prefer to use purer forms of CBD such as isolates and crumble, we have plenty to choose from. As well as CBD, Purple Dank also provide CBG (Cannabigerol) products, which is another cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant that provides other benefits for your health, such as pain relief and anti-inflammation. CBG and CBD are both non-psychoactive and contain no THC.

Purple Dank CBG Isolate is one example, available in 1000mg per gram. CBD isolates are versatile meaning you can add this powder form into your existing skincare range, or to consumables. It’s both odourless and flavourless and provides a pure experience that isn’t diluted such as with other infused products. They also provide pure CBD isolates, providing similar flexibility with how you want to use them, and CBD pastes with natural terpenes, that comes complete with a syringe applicator. Just apply orally and you’ll get a highly concentrated dose without oil.


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Our full UK Purple Dank CBD range is full of organic, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly products, all purified twice before packaging. You can be sure of a high-quality product providing many benefits for your health. Whether you need help with better sleep, want to raise focus levels, or help to soothe muscles and joints with pain relief after an active day, Purple Dank and Purple Dabz CBD products can assist.

You’ll find many great brands here at Zeal CBD alongside the UK Purple Dank range, including Huna CBD, KAAM Pharma CBD, Hemplix and many more. With so many different types of CBD to choose from, you can choose your preferred products for quick delivery here online. Have any questions about Purple Dank CBD? Please contact us for more information.


Purple Dank FAQs

What is Purple Dank CBD Crumble?

CBD crumble is a concentrate that is left to set until becomes solid and has a crumbling consistency, hence the name. It’s an alternative way to enjoy CBD instead of through oils or infused products and is most commonly dabbed, smoked or used in vaporisers, while it can also be consumed by adding to cooking. It can be purchased in high concentrates, so following usage instructions for the correct dosage is important. If you prefer simpler use, using Purple Dank CBD oils with just a few drops under the tongue each day is all you need.

How Do I Use Purple Dank CBD Isolates?

Using CBD isolates and crystals can provide more control over dosage and be easily added to food and drinks. Similarly, to CBD crumble, you can also dab and use it in CBD vaping devices. Isolates are in the form of powder, so measuring the dosage required each day is a must. Some people prefer having this control and using CBD in a less diluted form as it can help with fast-acting absorption. When compared to CBD edibles that can take longer to provide the effects, UK Purple Dank CBD isolates can provide quicker relief when vaped.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.