With a range of CBD oils and specially designed patches, PuroCuro offer easy to use solutions to help you start using cannabidiol as part of your day. Browse the full range here at Zeal CBD and find the right match for you. Buy online and get free delivery on orders over £60.


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PuroCuro CBD Patches & Oils


PuroCuro is a Dutch company that aims to connect you with nature and provide premium CBD products with a whole host of benefits. Their range consists of both easy to use CBD oil tinctures and CBD oral sprays in different sizes and concentrates, as well as CBD patches that can be applied to your body for easy absorption. Their products have simplicity in mind, helping you dose up on essential cannabidiol goodness with minimal effort and fuss. PuroCuro oils and sprays are administered orally under the tongue, by holding the liquid in place for up to a minute before swallowing. This helps to aid fast absorption into the bloodstream, but you can alternatively add to your hot drinks or water if you prefer to dilute the taste. Just one to two drops, or pumps with the spray, are needed each day to receive the recommended dosage.

Whilst using oil drops is a common method of experiencing CBD, patches offer a different solution that can be more convenient. Made from CBD and hemp extract, patches provide high bioavailability meaning they can work quickly and provide easy absorption into your body. Just place the patch onto an area of your skin where there is little hair and leave it in place, providing long-lasting benefits throughout the day. You’ll find both standard and pure CBD formulas in the PuroCuro CBD patches range, with the Pure patches containing 100% CBD. Choose 25mg and 50mg concentrates per pure patch, or 32mg and 64 mg with the hemp/CBD formula.


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If you are looking for a different type of CBD product and have tried others without success, the range of PuroCuro CBD patches could be what you are looking for. Not only can they be worn during the day, but they provide a special range of night patches, helping to assist with more restful sleep. The patches are worn for 8 -10 hours and then removed, providing fast absorption into the skin. If the natural taste of hemp is not your favourite and you’d rather not consume infused CBD drinks or CBD edibles, or even vape using CBD vaping devices, patches are the simple alternative providing a gradual release of CBD.

If you have any queries about PuroCuro or our range of products in our online CBD shop, please contact us. We have many other brands available in our range too, so check out Elevar Leafs, Immuno CBD, Botanic Lab and more online.


PuroCuro FAQs

How Do I Use PuroCuro CBD Patches?

All you have to do is remove the back of the patch to reveal the sticky surface and apply it to an area of your skin. Ideally, this will be somewhere on your body with little to no hair, providing stronger contact to your skin for effectiveness. Just leave the patch in place for up to 8 – 10 hours and then remove it. The CBD will release throughout the day and is an ideal alternative if you prefer not to have the taste of CBD from oral use when using CBD edibles or oils.

Can PuroCuro CBD Products Help Me Sleep Better?

Yes, as one of the benefits of CBD is assisting with better sleep and improved relaxation, PuroCuro have a range of specific patches you can purchase. Their night patches contain a blend of ingredients that will help enhance sleep. These include magnesium malate, zinc, potassium, chamomile and more that are slowly released during the night. Just place on the body an hour before going to bed and use daily for at least 14 nights, removing in the morning. You’ll feel more rested and refreshed with regular use and they can be ideal when suffering from jet lag.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.