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As an established CBD manufacturer, Plant of Life have been providing a wide variety of CBD products since 2010. Find premium-quality CBD oils, crystals, terpenes, skincare and much more in their range here at Zeal CBD. Order today and get free delivery on orders above £60 of Plant of Life CBD solutions.


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With CBD, you know you are using a natural product that can provide a number of health benefits depending on its use. Plant of Life has been promoting this for many years and have a wide range of products to try that can target different parts of your body, whether you want to ingest CBD, vape it, or rub it into the skin. Starting life in Amsterdam, the brand has become widely known and has also established itself across Europe including Spain, France, Italy, and the UK to name a few. The brand has control of the production and distribution of their products, with their farm based in Austria using CO2 extraction processes for a high-quality and diverse range of products, all produced within regulations and complete with a laboratory analysis.

Depending on your reasons for wanting to add CBD to your daily routine, you can find a product to match. Their CBD oils are full-spectrum extracted helping to maintain their quality and can be purchased in different concentrates from 300mg to 6000mg, in 5ml to 30ml bottles. Each has only trace amounts of THC, under 0.2% in line with industry regulation. This means no unwanted psychoactive side-effects or that ‘high’ feeling associated with cannabis use. As some Plant of Life CBD oils are much higher strength, you can get plenty of use from a 5ml bottle.


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As well as versatile oils that can be applied orally or topically, Plant of Life also offers CBD drinks infused with cannabidiol and natural flavourings, as well as CBD skincare cosmetics such as eye cream and moisturisers. As well as infused products, you can choose terpenes and crystals that can then be added to foods, drinks, your skincare regime and more.

Whichever your preferred method to up your CBD intake, we have plenty to choose from and all from a range of high-quality brands. As well as Plant of Life, you can find CBD options from Pachamama, Applied Nutrition, Aztec CBD and many more. If you have any questions about Plant of Life CBD products, please contact us. CBD can assist with a healthy diet and lifestyle, helping to improve mood, focus, sleep and also help as a natural anti-inflammatory to provide pain relief.


Plant of Life CBD FAQs

Which Type of Plant of Life CBD Product is Best to Use?

This will entirely depend on what you want to achieve with CBD use. There are many ways to use and apply cannabidiol to your routine, from edibles to capsules, so discovering which you prefer is down to personal choice. Some methods may provide quicker absorption into the bloodstream, such as applying oil drops under the tongue or vaping E-liquids. The Plant of Life CBD product range has plenty of examples available, so if you prefer adding a CBD moisturiser into your skincare regime to improve the skin’s appearance rather than drinking CBD water, you can find the perfect match.

Are Plant of Life Products Safe for Consumption?

Yes, if you use the specific edibles and oils that are designed for oral use, you can consume them. Of course, some products are designed for topical application, so it’s not recommended to ingest these. You’ll need to check the labelling carefully to ensure you are following the correct directions of use. All Plant of Life CBD products have been lab-tested and come complete with a laboratory analysis with purchase, helping you make an informed choice.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.