Health Focus CBD

Health Focus CBD is one of our brands at Zeal CBD that primarily focuses on CBD oil as a product. We are proud to stock their selection of CBD oils that help to target an array of health issues if used regularly. Whether you’re looking to deal with external or internal health or just generally feel well, Health Focus CBD oils can help with this. Some of their CBD oils even include free CBD gummies if you order from our online CBD shop, Zeal CBD. If you spend over £60 on products from us, you will qualify for free delivery and order by 2 pm for next-day dispatch.

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Who is Health Focus CBD?

Health Focus CBD pride itself on providing authentic products made with the highest standard CBD. Their products are accessible to those that need them and come at an affordable price. Health Focus CBD are big believers of nature and its benefits, and therefore reaping the advantages of the cannabis plant is what they like to offer. Keeping customers happy is at the pinnacle of what they do, and they continue to strive for quality in every aspect of their business. Success didn’t come without hard work for Health Focus CBD, they have been on a journey with their products as selecting highquality is paramount to them. Your overall wellbeing will benefit from Health Focus products, along with your palate when it comes to taking their CBD oils.

Health Focus CBD has become one of the most innovative brands in the CBD world and they won’t stop going above and beyond. Moving forward is their mission and expanding their range is on the cards. With the CBD market growing, you will be sure to see Health Focus CBD keeping a strong place within it. They are regularly reviewing their pricing which is influenced by extraction, compliance, lab testing, and much more. Health Focus CBD aims to provide premium goods, stay fair on price, and be high on value, they are doing something right! Browse their selection of CBD oils to find something suitable for you.

Health Focus CBD Products


Health Focus CBD products are made from ingredients that are kept as close to the plant as possible. With quality at the forefront, the Health Focus CBD full-spectrum oils are available in 500mg, 1000mg, or 2000mg on CBD. Depending on how familiar you are with CBD, you can go for a CBD strength to suit you. When used regularly, Health Focus CBD oils will provide benefits for sleep, digestion, focus, mood and generally make you feel more relaxed.

The ideal 10ml bottle sizes make Health Focus CBD oils ideal to carry around with you all day long if you are looking for a top-up while travelling or at work. The CBD droppers make this oil easy to drop under your tongue, just remember to hold it there for at least 60 seconds to ensure you absorb it completely. If you are suffering from external pains and aches, Heath Focus CBD oils can also help with this as their products have been proven to target pains, inflammation, and cramps too.


Health Focus FAQs

What is full-spectrum CBD oil?

Fullspectrum CBD oil contains multiple cannabis plant extracts, this could be essential oils, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. You can find some THC inside fullspectrum CBD oil products, but Health Focus CBD meets the UK laws, and their products contain under 0.2% of THC. Health Focus CBD is not designed to create a ‘high’ feeling, just to promote relaxation and other health benefits.

Is CBD oil the fastest way to absorb CBD?

Most people assume CBD oil will be absorbed into the system faster than any other CBD product, but vaping will get CBD into your system in the fastest way possible. CBD in your lungs will be absorbed by the bloodstream faster than taking the CBD under your tongue.

How much CBD does each drop of Health Focus oil contain?

In each drop of Health Focus CBD oil, you will find 0.05ml of liquid, this means there will be about 2.5mg of CBD per drop if you buy the 500mg strength product. Start with a few drops a day and it’s recommended to gradually build your way up to more drops.

Are Health Focus CBD products suitable for Vegans?

Yes, Health Focus CBD products are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans as they contain no animal products.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.