At Zeal CBD, we pride ourselves on stock listing some of the best CBD brands and most premium products. CBD oil is one of the most renowned ways to take CBD and is often the most effective. One of our popular brands is Fly CBD which makes CBD tincture oils, ideal for fighting symptoms of anxiety and stress, whilst naturally promoting a healthy heart. For those who want to buy an array of products, you will qualify for free delivery if you spend over £60 on our online CBD shop. Make sure you place your order by 2 pm for the same-day dispatch and the quickest delivery possible for Fly CBD products.

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Who is Fly CBD?


Fly CBD are creators of CBD products, with a focus on CBD oil. They have become popular within the CBD industry down to the results their products have on people’s health. Fly CBD makes sure its products don’t contain any alcohol or extracts from animals, they want the best quality possible. Luckily, their bottles are designed to be childproof and tamper-proof so they will be safe for anyone who has a child around. If you want to buy CBD products that are quality controlled and have a certified CBD concentration, Fly CBD could be the ones to go for!


Fly CBD Products


Fly CBD oils come in a range of different strengths, you can choose the best one for you depending on how familiar you are with CBD. Beginners might like to pick oil with 300mg, equating to just 3%, whereas more experienced users might go for Fly CBD oil containing 1000mg of CBD. Fly CBD has created a range of products that are completely free from THC and sold in 30ml bottles.

For those looking to improve their heart health while focusing on relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety, Fly CBD could be exactly what you need. The CBD oil can be dropped under your tongue a few times a day, to relieve symptoms quickly on the spot. You can slowly increase your dosage as you become more familiar with the CBD product but never exceed the daily limit. This could lead to drowsiness and make you feel overly tired.



What are broad-spectrum CBD oils?

Broad-spectrum CBD oils are one of the main forms of cannabidiol (CBD) the other two you will find are full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. Inside broad-spectrum products you will find a range of naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, you won’t find any THC. Fly CBD’s products are completely free from THC.

Why take CBD in an oil form?

Taking CBD in an oil form is one of the most effective ways to absorb it, and it will need to be taken under the tongue. CBD oil is portable and almost always found in a small bottle that can be kept in a pocket or bag.

How should I take Fly CBD oils?

Before dropping the CBD oil under your tongue, shake the bottle well and put a few drops under your tongue, remembering to hold the dropper there for about 60 seconds to help absorption. You can use up to 15 drops per day but it isn’t recommended to use any more than this.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.