Favor CBD

At Zeal CBD, we pride ourselves on stocking some of the most premium CBD products and brands on the market on our online CBD shop. One of our favourite brands is Favor CBD who creates beautifully designed and thoughtfully engineered products, including tincture oils, CBD lip balms, and hemp body lotions. Their products will enable you to decide whether you’d like to absorb CBD through your skin or by placing it under your tongue in an oily substance. If you want to try both, why not spend over £60 and qualify for free delivery? Order by 2 pm for the same-day dispatch.

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Who is Favor CBD?

Favor CBD creates products that help people live in the moment and lead their lives in the most fulfilling way possible. They made a product range that can be used in any situation, in the morning, evening, on the go, at work, or wherever you need a CBD pick me up! Their broadspectrum products we stock at Zeal CBD are ideal to pack into a handbag, rucksack, or suitcase when travelling.

With flavour and fun at the heart of this brand, they market to a range of ages and all their products are suitable for both men and women over the age of 18 to use. Enhancing life in an approachable way is what they’re all about and they want to diminish the taboo around mental health and help people tackle, anxiety, stress, and insomnia with their products. No matter whether you want to use products for mental, physical, or spiritual reasons, Favor CBD products are appropriate for any of these. Their product line aims to be convenient for anyone in any situation. Favor CBD focuses on offering hemp in two main ways they believe to be best for wellbeing, these are in the form of tincture oils and body lotions.

Favor CBD Products


Favor CBD is proud to create body lotions and oils that are a terpene-rich, broad-spectrum source of hemp. The hemp they use in their products is of the best quality and sourced from Colorado and California. Do yourself a favour and give their products a try, don’t lead a life that makes you compromise! The whole product range created by Favor CBD contains verified hemp from a reliable source. Therefore, helping to boost mood, encourage better sleep hygiene, reduce anxiety and help with pain and inflammation within the body.

The tincture oil created by Favor CBD can be enjoyed in either mint, spearmint, or orange flavour to freshen your breath while working its magic. A subtle, yet pleasant taste perfectly accompanies the natural CBD. The CBD oil used within the tincture products is made from a combination of industrial hemp, hemp seed oil, spearmint essential oil, and also sucralose. Like other CBD products we stock at Zeal CBD, there will be no more than 0.2% to no THC included in Favor CBD products.


Why Should I Invest in Favor CBD Body Lotions?

If you like the idea of absorbing your CBD through your skin and the health issues you want to target are mainly external, CBD in the form of lotion could be the best option for you. With a convenient, portable bottle size of 120ml, Favor offers three different scents of hemp body lotion, including, menthol, lavender, and sandalwood. Some of the most relaxing scents we can imagine. No matter what scent you go for, all the bottles contain a generous 500mg of CBD enables you to rub a generous amount onto your skin every time you use it. Nourish your skin with these soothing products and sweet scents that are bound to release stress.


Favor CBD FAQs

Are all Favor CBD products broad-spectrum?

Yes, Favor CBD creates broadspectrum products meaning they contain a range of natural compounds from the hemp plant. Favor CBD products do not contain THC.

Why go for a Favor CBD lip balm?

Going for a Favor CBD lip balm is one way to get your CBD as it will be absorbed through your lips, however, bear in mind, this will not be as powerful as CBD absorbed through the tongue. Lip balms infused with CBD are more for moisturising your lips and will prevent any future dryness or flakiness. Favor CBD lip balms also have a calming effect that can help reduce symptoms of anxiety in daytoday life.

How can you make the application of Favor CBD more enjoyable?

Favor CBD recommends warming your skin before applying the CBD body lotion, this will give you a fuller experience. Ideal to use after a wash or bath after you’ve dried off.

Are Favor CBD products made in reliable laboratories?

Yes, they even have full lab reports that can be provided to their customers.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.