European Hemp Co


At Zeal CBD, we pride ourselves on stocking some of the best CBD brands and effective products on the market. The long list of benefits CBD can have on users includes reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, fewer aches and pains, improved skin, sleep, and focus. One of our favourite brands is European Hemp Co which are 100% fully certified and focus on combining nature and science. Their CBD oils, gummies and sprays manufactured in the UK are ideal for beating anxiety, stress, pain and promote a healthy heart and better night’s sleep. Find some of their best products on our online CBD shop and if you spend over £60 you will qualify for free delivery, all orders before 2 pm will be dispatched the same day.

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Who is European Hemp Co?


European Hemp Co is a growing company with over 15 years of experience in the CBD industry. Their passion for hemp and health shines through in their products that are created from the finest extracts from the phytocannabinoid and terpene-rich ingredients. With a history in herbalism and as a trusted international supplier, this organic brand is one you cannot miss. They focus on being responsible, transparent, innovative, and ethical.

With a goal to manufacture the highest quality, organic, fully certified hemp products on the market, European Hemp Co are committed and persistent. They want people to experience better health and wellbeing through using their array of CBD products. Not all CBD companies strive to push the boundaries, but this one certainly wants to get out there and keep finding out more about hemp as a healing product. Removing the inertia and systematising the customary approval for the use of hemp is all part of their long-term plan. If you want to invest in CBD products that come from a sustainable source that keeps economic productivity and the environment in mind, look no further. All their products are third party tested and they will happily provide lab reports to their customers who want proof of quality assurance documents.


European Hemp Co CBD Oils & Sprays


Harvested from the world’s finest crops, European Hemp Co has some advantageous products you can’t miss, down to the Heirloom organic Hemp they use. Their strains are some of the richest and chemically complex in the world. We recommend you try out the CBD oil if you are looking for a product containing 500mg-3000mg of CBD that will help with relaxation and heart health if regularly used.

If you find CBD oil messy, you can go for a European Hemp Co spray for easy use and fruity flavour. The 30ml size is ideal for tucking into a pocket or bags to use when you’re out and about during the day. Also available in strengths ranging from 500mg-3000mg, the sprays help to tackle stress and promote pain relief as well as a good night’s sleep. They are distilled for purity and supplement use only.


European Hemp Co Gummies


For those who prefer an edible option, rather than taking CBD oil, European Hemp Co have you covered with their rainbow-coloured gummy bears. Per bear, you will get a generous 10mg of CBD and a few bears will usually have you covered for the day. They are a portable option that makes taking CBD as easy as possible, you don’t need to worry about getting the right number of drops like you would with an oil. Go for these gummies if you are looking for high-quality CBD that contains 100% goodness while managing to be sweet and tasty! The gummies produced by European Hemp Co are specifically aimed at reducing symptoms of anxiety.


European Hemp Co FAQs

How many CBD gummy bears should I take per day?

If you go for the European Hemp Co gummies bears, it’s recommended to take 3-8 per day depending on your CBD tolerance. Just make sure you don’t take over 200mg per day, this would mean chewing over 20 individual gummy bears per day. The same dosage is true for other CBD products too.

Are European Hemp Co gummies suitable for Vegans?

Yes, even though they are packaged for delicious flavours, the CBD gummies created by European Hemp Co are suitable for vegans. They contain no nasties.

What is a broad-spectrum European Hemp Co product?

Some of the European Hemp Co products are labelled as broad-spectrum and this means they are completely free from THC. There is no chance you will feel any kind of high from their CBD products, just relaxation.

What flavours do the European Hemp Co sprays come in?

At Zeal CBD we stock both the tangy apple and sweet cherry spray flavours, ideal to quickly spray underneath your tongue when you are on the go. There is nothing like a sweet pick me up that has so many benefits for your health!

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.