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At Zeal CBD, we pride ourselves on stocking some of the best CBD brands and most premium products on the market. The huge list of benefits CBD can have on users includes reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, fewer aches and pains, improved skin, sleep, and focus. One of our favourite brands is innovative Elevar Leafs who specialise in CBD edible oral strips, ideal for targeting aches and pains, stress and digestion. Our online CBD shop is home to a range of must-have products, and if you spend over £60 you will qualify for free delivery, all orders before 2 pm will be dispatched the same day.

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Who is Elevar Leafs?


Elevar Leafs have been featured all over the press for their CBD oral strips that have some life-changing reviews. The company was inspired by the science behind cannabidiol CBD and as a result, set up Elevar Leafs dedicated to curating innovative CBD products that have positive effects on their users’ health. Quality of life is at the core of this brand and they only partner with the best wellness brands and experts in the CBD industry. Elevar Leafs aim to elevate people’s experience with CBD and prove how effective it can be when orally taken.


Elevar Leaf pairs up scientifically proven technology with their natural offerings of hemp CBD to create unique must-have products. Carefully stipulated lab results are at the core of the creation process and products aren’t put on the market until the product development team has double checked everything. Many go for this brand as it is down to the minimal and discreet design of the products, everything down to the typography is neat. Their branding will have you captured in minutes and their products are ideal for anyone who wants a subtle form of CBD.


Elevar Leafs Products


Melt on your tongue CBD oral strips are the new chewing gum that will have you relaxed in minutes. With minty fresh flavours and a fast, dissolvable impact, these mini strips are a must-try. They fit into a wallet or purse and are one of the most portable options when it comes to finding the best CBD for you. It can be difficult to track how much CBD you are taking on a daily basis, but not with these transportable strips that have precisely 25mg of CBD per piece. Managing your daily intake is crucial when it comes to taking CBD and Elevar Leafs have this in mind when creating products.


Elevar Leafs products are specifically useful for those who suffer from stress as they can be applied while at work or on the go. At an affordable price, Elevar Leafs dissolvable strips can also help with inflammation within the body and reduce pain, whether it’s chronic or temporary. Edibles CBD products can be beneficial when used alone or when paired up with topicals to tackle stiffness, aches, and pains. Use a combination of CBD products to feel your best and it’s a bonus to get free delivery if you spend over £60 at Zeal CBD.

Elevar Leafs FAQs

Are Elevar Leafs products lab tested?

Yes, Elevar Leafs ensure all their products are thoroughly tested in laboratories to ensure the highest quality and standards. They like to keep their consumers informed as a reliable, trustworthy CBD brand.

How long do Elevar Leafs products last?

It’s worth double-checking the packaging, but most of our products last for 18 months after the production date. However, most customers use them before this and consume them the month they order products.

What flavours do the CBD oral strips come in?

There are three different flavours you can purchase the CBD oral strips in, and we recommend trying all of them. The flavours are fresh mint, berry mint or lavender. If you want to have an extra fresh mouth, go for the fresh mint flavour.

Are Elevar Leafs products THC free?

Yes, all Elevar Leafs products are THC free, you won’t get any kind of high from using them as they only contain CBD. The CBD strips have a precise dose of CBD per strip so you can track how much you are taking per day.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.