Element Vert


Element Vert are one of the best CBD infused skincare brands you will find on the market, and we are proud to stock them at Zeal CBD. If you are looking to improve your skin while reducing any signs of inflammation and relieve chronic or temporary pain, Element Vert could be the right brand for you. For those who want to buy an array of products, you will qualify for free delivery if you spend over £60 on our online CBD shop. Make sure you place your order by 2 pm for the same day dispatch and the quickest delivery possible.

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Who is Element Vert CBD?


Element Vert takes pride in creating a range of skincare products infused with CBD. Their products are aimed at all age groups, but the anti-ageing skincare CBD products are more appropriate for women and men aged 50+. Go for this brand if you want to treat your skin with protective products and give it the attention it needs. This well-established brand has CBD products that can all be used together to create an effective skincare routine.


Element Vert Skincare


Depending on exactly what you want your CBD skincare to do for your skin, you can go for a cleaner or something moisturising to keep your skin looking as youthful as possible. Element Vert specialise in body lotion and moisturiser to support anti-ageing skin or skin after it has been tattooed. Introduce an Element Vert CBD cleanser and CBD toner into your morning skin routine for a glowing, healthy complexion. Both products contain a generous 20mg of CBD to help work their magic on your skin. The skincare CBD products from this brand will penetrate deep into your face’s natural oily layers to cleanse, replenish, and get rid of any oil build-up. You can use their skincare products in the morning and evening.

Element Vert FAQs

Do Element Vert CBD skincare products contain detergent?

No, the Element Vert CBD products do not contain detergent, they focus on only natural and healthy ingredients. Nothing in these products will harm or irritate your skin, and with the CBD present, the products will be especially calming.

When should you use Element Vert products?

Element Vert CBD skincare is usually rubbed onto the skin in the morning or evening, but there is nothing stopping you from using it during the day if you have not applied make-up. There is no set time to use Element Vert products, but if you want the CBD to be effective for any pain and inflammation, using it in the evening would be effective.

What is the best Element Vert CBD product to use on the go?

If your skin has not been looking its best recently, you can use Element Vert products just before you leave the house or after washing your face when you arrive at work, if you want to rid your skin of any pollutants from travelling. We would recommend taking the 15ml retinol revival cream out on the go, as it is small and portable.

How does the Element Vert tattoo aftercare cream work?

The aftercare cream by Element Vert CBD works by swiss apple stem-cell formula that targets the tattooed area and acts to repair and regrow skin cells. Of course, the ink will still be kept vivid during this process. The CBD tattoo product works to rejuvenate as well as heal and repair any part of your body where you have recently had a tattoo.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.