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Who is Dr Watson?

If you are looking to find new CBD products, one of our most favourable brands is Dr Greenlove who creates CBD oils, chocolate products, gummies and sweet manuka honey drops. What a combination of unique products, you won’t find every brand creating such special products. Dr Watson is on a mission to raise CBD standards and set them within the industry. This brand takes on the role of leaders and you can’t miss out on their CBD creations! They are a brand that believes everyone should incorporate the hemp plant into their daily routines to relax more and reap the long list of benefits.

Dr Richard Watson, known as Dr Watson, set up his CBD brand with a mission to raise standards and become a leader in quality, consistency, and traceability from seed to shelf. He is an American born in New Zealand with a focused career on science and agriculture. A scientist with a passion for research and CBD. Watson closely works with the USA state and federal regulators to ensure a premium product, he is the only farmer in the USA creating ‘certified humane’ dairy products.

Watson focused his company with a primary focus on the power of cannabis and sharing it with others. Dr Watson and his team aim to help people improve their lifestyles and quality of life. With a goal to remove the stigma around cannabis as a recreational drug for getting high, Dr Watson shows the world the versatile side of hemp with his lab-tested and verified products.


Dr Watson CBD Products


At Zeal CBD, we stock some of the most popular Dr Watson CBD products, that have been made within nature, and backed by science. Dr Watson has some of the best products you can find on the market, and we are proud to stock them at Zeal CBD. If you are someone that’s looking to reduce anxiety while boosting your mood, the unwind or support CBD oils are the ones to add to your shopping basket.

For those who have pain relief at the top of their health problem list, the Dr Watson CBD broad spectrum oil or manuka honey drops might be the most appropriate product for you. Some of this brand’s products have even been known to help prevent seizures.


Dr Watson CBD Product Flavours


If you are looking for something that tastes and smells good, as well as giving you a boost of CBD, Dr Watson could be your brand. Whether you go for the chocolate or chew gummies, you will enjoy the flavours. The 120g manuka honey drops come in a variety of flavours, including ginger & echinacea, honey & propolis and lemon.

Scent and taste can play a big part in improving your sleep and the tropical passion flavoured gummies with hints of peach might be exactly what you need to wind down in the evenings. You want to go for CBD products that taste good if you’re going for edibles, or you won’t want to take them.


Dr Watson CBD FAQs

Where are Dr Watson CBD products made?

The Dr Watson products are made in the UK and Switzerland, enabling them to sell their high-quality CBD products for affordable prices.

What makes Dr Watson CBD products such high quality?

The high quality and superior flavours of all the Dr Watson products is down to a controlled manufacturing process. The raw CBD isolate and broad spectrum hemp extract are farmed organically in Switzerland and the US, all the facilities associated with this brand are certified. Dr Watson signs off all his products to make sure they meet his standards. The final products are blended and manufactured in pharmaceutical facilities so you can trust them.

What are Dr Watson's core values?

This brand prides itself on three core values, transparency, trust and traceability. They want their customers to trust them and have their confidence at the heart of the brand. By being transparent about where they source their ingredients and how they create their products, Dr Watson promotes traceability and doesn’t hide anything from customers.

What are the best selling Dr Watson CBD products at Zeal CBD?

At Zeal CBD and in general, the best-selling products by Dr Watson are CBD oils and dark chocolate. You cannot go wrong with incorporating these into your daily wellness routine!

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.