Drop CBD


Drop CBD is a brand with a range of products on offer and we are proud to stock their best skincare, CBD oils and muscle gels at Zeal CBD. Whether it’s pain relief, relaxation or acne prevention you’re looking to improve, this could be the brand to go for as they are one of Europe’s leading CBD products manufacturers. With minimal white packaging and bright yellow, blue, green, and orange labels on their CBD oils, Drop CBD is not to be missed when you’re browsing our award-winning brands. For those who want to buy a selection of CBD products, you will qualify for free delivery if you spend over £60 on our online CBD shop. Make sure you place your order by 2 pm for the same day dispatch and the quickest delivery possible.

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Who is Drop CBD?


Drop CBD creates a range of products and has become a well-established brand within the European CBD market over the past 10 years. All their facilities are GMP compliant, and all their products are manufactured by the B&H LAB team. Quality CBD is at the heart of this company and their premium products only use fully certified ingredients. They have over a decade of experience in producing supplements, e-liquids for vapes and cosmetic products. You only have to read their reviews to understand the quality of their CBD products and you will only find Drop CBD working with the best CBD suppliers and ingredients.

With affordability at the forefront of their company, Drop CBD aims to appeal to a wide audience who want to improve their well-being. This reliable brand ensures their product ingredients have been tested and certified by the leading CBD laboratories in Europe and all their high-quality CBD is produced in Switzerland. With a focus on staying natural, Drop CBD are clearly doing something right as they won the Best UK CBD cosmetic award back in 2020 and also the Best UK CBD oil in 2020. Browse their range to find something suitable for you.


Drop CBD Skin Care Products


Skincare is at the heart of Drop CBD products, and they have enough products to introduce a whole CBD skincare routine into your morning or evening. All of their CBD skincare is suitable for men and women and luckily, all skin types too! Go for a face serum, cream, anti-ageing eye gel, or a mask. They don’t only offer products for the skin on your face, but also body milk, lip balms and muscle balms/gels. Most of their products are for external use, so you will need to rub them onto your skin, instead of absorbing them through your tongue.


Drop CBD Oil Products


Drop CBD has become known for its CBD oil, down to its energy and focus improvement reviews. You can find the Drop CBD oil available in three different strengths, including 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. Go for a strength to suit you, depending on your experience and resilience to CBD oil. All of their products are suitable for beginners and experienced CBD users. The great thing about each strength of Drop CBD oil is the four different types of oil you can choose from, including daytime use, night-time use, recovery or regular.


The Types of Drop CBD Oils


When it comes to selecting the right Drop CBD oil for you, you will need to choose from four different CBD oils. These are the benefits of each:

  • Daytime use (yellow bottle) – ideal for boosting energy and focus. Contains chia-seed oil and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Night-time use (blue bottle) – ideal for calming your nervous system and reducing stress levels before getting a good night’s sleep. Contains high-quality chamomile oil.
  • Recovery (green bottle) – ideal for muscle tissue recovery and regulating blood pressure.
  • Regular (orange bottle) – ideal for staying calm, sharp, energised and could possibly help with weight loss.

Decide on exactly what you want to target when it comes to your health with your CBD oil to help you make a well-formulated decision. All of the different strengths are available in all four oils.



Are Drop CBD face products portable for travel?

Yes, you can take all of the Drop CBD skincare products on the plane, all their products are under 100ml so will fit nicely into your carry on luggage. The only product that would need to go in your check-in luggage is the body milk, which is 250ml.

Does Drop CBD control the whole product creation process?

From Swiss hemp plants to your shopping basket, Drop CBD makes sure they know exactly what is going on during the product creation process. They have control over buying the seeds, cultivating, and harvesting, as well as extraction, refinement, and packaging. The production involves organic extraction to purity first and ensures no chemical solvents are included in the hemp.

Are Drop CBD products full-spectrum or broad-spectrum?

Make sure you take a close look at Drop CBD oil product descriptions if the spectrum is important to you, as some products are broad-spectrum such as the recovery CBD oil, but others are full-spectrum.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.