Dr Greenlove CBD

At Zeal CBD, we pride ourselves on selling some must-have CBD brands who create a range of exciting products. The long term and short term effects CBD can have on users include anything from sleeping better, to improving symptoms of anxiety and depression. Our online CBD shop is home to a range of premium products and unmissable brands that create CBD oils, edibles, skincare, capsules and much more. Browse our store online to find something suitable for you, whether it’s your mental health or physical health you want to tackle.

If you are looking to find new CBD products, one of our most unique brands is Dr Greenlove who creates tasty edible CBD, and at Zeal CBD we stock the lollipops. Dr Greenlove was started up in Amsterdam and therefore, you can expect the best CBD strengths from their products. They are a brand who believe everyone should incorporate relaxation into their daily routines. Remember to use our filtering feature to make your CBD search more specific and find the most appropriate products for you. If you spend over £60 on Dr Greenlove UK orders at Zeal CBD you will qualify for free delivery and same day dispatch if you order by 2pm.

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Who is Dr Greenlove CBD?


Greenlove Lollipops create a fun way to get your CBD intake and they certainly stand out from the other brands on the market, and not just because of their colourful packaging. Founded and based in Amsterdam, their products are created at the home of marijuana. The products are made from a range of hemp materials, all certified, and premium-quality. Locally grown cannabis means this brand can oversee the manufacturing processes and work closely with EU-certified farmers.

Two friends, named Chris and Ed, started working together in 1995 to find pumpkin-oil when they realised hemp-seed oil was their destiny. The pair introduced hemp seed oil to the Netherlands, and in 1999 created the original cannabis lollipops, made from 100% genuine European cannabis oil.

Previously winning awards for their Hemperium products, the brand has had great success in the industry. This brand is one to keep an eye on as they will likely be introducing more products in the future. They are already stocked in over 500 stores around Amsterdam and in Europe. Dr Greenlove also has a cannabis ice cream parlour you can check out if you’re visiting Amsterdam!


Dr Greenlove Lollipops


The amazing selection of flavours you can buy the lollipops make them extra special, you can choose from Lemon Haze, Strawberry Haze, Blueberry & Pineapple Express, Purple Haze, Candy Kush, Girl Scout Cookie and Mango Haze. Each and every lollipop has a bubblegum centre to throw in some nostalgia to throw you back to your childhood. You definitely won’t be stuck for choice as we stock all these flavours at Zeal CBD. All their products are made from 100% real cannabis oil and don’t contain any THC.

All Dr Greenlove UK orders of hemp and cannabinoid products will help to promote sleep, reduce stress levels and have even prevented seizures in the past. Their best selling products are the funky lollipops, so these are the one thing we recommend you try. Soothing anxiety couldn’t be more tasty with the array of lollipop flavours Doctor Greenlove have created, go ahead and see for yourself!


Dr Greenlove FAQs

Are Dr Greenlove UK based?

No, this brand is based in Amsterdam but you can buy their products here at Zeal CBD and in some stores around Europe. At Zeal CBD, we send Dr Greenlove UK orders to any town or city.

How many Dr Greenlove lollipops will you get if you buy a full box?

If you go for one of the full boxes of lollipops, this will include 70 lollies. Enough to last you a few months or share with friends and family.

What ingredients are in the Dr Greenlove lollipops?

In the lollipops you can find Glucose syrup, sugar, gum base, acidity regulators Citric acid sodium bicarbonate), fruit flavours, Natural Hemp- Flavour, Humectant; Glycerin, Colours; (E100), THC level<0.2%.

When should you eat a CBD lollipop?

It is commonly up to you when you decide to eat your CBD lollipop, most people eat this in the afternoon or evening. Some like to eat them in the morning, depending on if you have a sweet tooth or not.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.