Dr Earth CBD

Dr Earth is one of the best CBD oil brands we stock at Zeal CBD as they target such a range of health issues with just a few drops. Taking their CBD oil on a daily basis can help with both internal and external health problems. Dr Earth prides itself on creating some of the best European farmed organic hemp on the market. For those who want to buy a few different CBD products, you will qualify for free delivery if you spend over £60 on our online CBD shop. Make sure you place your order by 2 pm for the same-day dispatch and the quickest delivery possible for your Dr Earth products.

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Who is Dr Earth CBD?


Dr Earth CBD is a renowned brand in the CBD world, with its main product being CBD oil. The brand uses organic hemp that’s European farmed and in the form of a very concentrated liquid hemp oil. Their products are created by using CO2 and a gentle method of extraction of raw hemp. They aim to keep the most important active molecules in the plant for maximum CBD benefits. Applying heat under filtration in a gentle way means the CBD is formed from natural precursor CBD, this means there will be a wax-free liquid oil leftover with all the botanical constituents included. Dr Earth makes sure their processes are carefully performed so the outcome will be the best CBD product possible, they claim to be ‘the nature we can trust’.

All Dr Earth CBD products are third-party tested for cannabinoid profile, pesticides, residual solvents, microbial, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. You won’t find any nasties in their thoroughly checked products. Go for Dr Earth products if you’d like organically cultivated CBD combined with a vegetable carrier oil.


Dr Earth CBD Products


Dr Earth is known for its CBD oil that targets a whole range of health issues, including IBS, cramps, and digestion problems. If you suffer from any of these issues or just want to improve your digestive system, you can go for a Dr Earth with a CBD strength of 1500mg or 2000mg, depending on how familiar you are with using CBD. Whether you end up going for the lower or higher strength, both will provide the same health benefits.

If you are looking to focus your immune system, pain relief, or inflammation within the body, Dr Earth’s CBD oils can also help with this. All you will need to take is a few drops a day under your tongue, the dropper makes this easy and mess-free. Luckily, Dr Earth CBD oils are only 10ml, meaning they’re portable for traveling or popping in your pocket if you want to top up on the go or at your work desk.


Dr Earth FAQs

Are all Dr Earth CBD oils made from broad-spectrum CBD?

Yes, the Dr Earth CBD products are broad-spectrum, meaning there will be no traces of THC within the products. You will only find small traces of THC in products and brands that are labelled broad-spectrum as the law states 0.2% is the legal limit. Broad-spectrum oil contains a range of naturally occurring compounds from the hemp plant and is one of the main cannabinoids.

How many drops of Dr Earth CBD should I take per day?

You should take CBD oil daily for it to be as effective as possible, but make sure you never exceed the daily dosage. Most people take a few drops about three times a day. Guidelines can be different depending on product and brand, so double-check the instructions.

Do Dr Earth CBD oils cause any side effects?

Some CBD oils can cause negative side effects as well as health benefits, so make sure you contact your GP if you are taking other medication at the same time, don’t combine CBD without asking. Some side effects include drowsiness, reduced appetite, dry mouth, and general fatigue.

Can Dr Earth CBD improve your sleep routine?

Yes, many have reported Dr Earth products helped them sleep better and much deeper. Take a few drops under your tongue about half an hour before sleeping to experience the best effects. Make sure you hold the dropper under your tongue for about 60 seconds after dropping the CBD, this will ensure you absorb it properly.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.