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If you are exploring to find new CBD products, one of our favourite brands is Clearly Supplements who offer CBD oil and lip balms. They promote wellness and believe in natural ways to improve internal and external health problems. They are a brand who believe everyone should incorporate relaxation into their lives. Remember to use our filtering feature to make your CBD search more specific and find the most appropriate products for you. If you spend over £60 at Zeal CBD you will qualify for free delivery and same day dispatchment if you order by 2pm.

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At Zeal CBD, we pride ourselves on stocking some of the most favoured CBD brands and beneficial products on the market. The long term and short term effects CBD can have on users include anything from sleeping better, or curing diseases. Our online CBD shop is home to a range of premium products and unmissable brands that create CBD oils, edibles, skincare, capsules and much more. Browse our shop to find something suitable for you, whether it’s your skin, sleep routine, inflammation after exercise or general anxiety you want to improve.


Who is Clearly Supplements?


Clearly Supplements are a member of the Cannabis Trades Association UK and provide some of the finest CBD products to their customers. They pride themselves on meeting all of the quality standards surrounding CBD and ensuring the highest production standards are met. Certified CBD products are important to Clearly Supplements who aim to be fully ecological and avoid any chemicals during the production process.

Customers are confident when shopping from Clearly Supplements at Zeal CBD due to their premium quality oils and status as a leading UK supplier of CBD. Using natural ingredients and avoiding any nasties within their methods, all of their products are healthy and designed to help you gain as many benefits from CBD as possible.


Clearly Supplements Products


Like many brands, Clearly Supplements are known for their tincture oils that help to tackle stress, heart health and even seizures. This magical potion should be taken on a daily basis if you want to see fast results and it will need to be applied under the tongue for the best  absorption. CBD oil is a portable option that can be kept safe in a pocket or bag.

If you aren’t looking for an oil but something you can rub onto your skin, you can go for a CBD skincare option by Clearly Supplements. Whether you’re looking to relieve inflammation in the body or take some form of pain relief, Clearly Supplements have skincare options like lip balm that can help. Applying a CBD lip balm will not only improve any skin inflammation but will also act as a moisturiser. Improve your skin while focusing on your wellbeing at the same time!


Clearly Supplements FAQs

How many drops does Clearly Supplements contain?

Clearly Supplements contain approximately 200 drops per 10ml bottle, so they’re excellent value and an affordable option. You will only need a few drops per day and they can be taken in the morning, evening or when you’re on the go during the daytime.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding mothers use Clearly Supplements?

No, it is recommended to stay away from CBD products if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Not just Clearly Supplements but any CBD products, they could affect the growth of your baby and its brain development.

What is ‘full spectrum extract’ in Clearly Supplements products?

When Clearly Supplements state ‘full spectrum extract’ on their CBD products, this means the oil has all the cannabinoids from the plant. It contains multiple cannabis plant extracts if this is stated on the label.

Why should I use CBD lip balms?

With a CBD lip balm, you won’t always get all the bodily benefits of CBD, but your lips will be thanking you. They would feel more smooth, be less inflamed if this was an issue, and ultimately appear softer. If you want to get a better night’s sleep, you can use CBD lip balms straight before bed.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.