CBD Safe Way


At Zeal CBD, we pride ourselves on stocking some of the most popular CBD brands and a wide selection of wellness products. Find your daily calm with our CBD products that have a vast range of benefits. One of our favourite brands is CBD Safe Way, which was founded with people's health in mind, with an aim to help people get through life's daily challenges. CBD Safe Way creates award-winning CBD spray oils that are easily applied under the tongue. Find some of their best products on our online CBD shop and if you spend over £60 you will qualify for free delivery. All orders placed before 2 pm will be dispatched the same day.

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Who is CBD Safe Way?


CBD Safe Way is a CBD superstore with multiple products that will help to target many areas of your health. Their award-winning range is ideal for those who want to start incorporating CBD into their daily routines and using it at home or on the go. CBD Safe Way pride themselves on creating a sense of calm while boosting focus and energy levels with their pure oil products. This is the brand to go for if you want a portal CBD spray that will target an array of health issues and promote general well-being. They have recently been authorised by the FSA for their Novel Foods standards.


CBD Safe Way Oil Sprays


At Zeal CBD, we stock the CBD Safe Way oil sprays that can be purchased in 30ml bottles containing either 600mg, 1200mg, or 2400mg of CBD, depending on your experience with CBD you can pick the right strength to suit you. The CBD sprays are made from three core ingredients, cannabis sativa L extract, organic MCT coconut oil and natural flavours (terpenes). If you want to get maximum results from your CBD product, you can go for the higher strength spray oils. Spray oil is a great alternative to tincture oil, as it is easier to target under your tongue and less messy. You will need the same number of sprays as you would with CBD drops when using tincture oil.


CBD Safe Way sprays are ideal for those who want to reduce symptoms of anxiety and can use the spray when out and about during the day as it will easily fit into a pocket or bag. Making the CBD Safe Way spray extra enticing are the berry or citrus flavours you can choose from. A fruity CBD spray is ideal for those who don’t like the natural CBD taste, Safe Way CBD products will give you a fruity boost throughout the day, along with relaxation benefits. Many overlook their heart health and forget to take small steps to take care of their heart, this is where a spray can come in useful as it naturally promotes heart health, while subtly relieving stress.

CBD Safe Way FAQs

Are CBD Safe Way products laboratory tested?

Yes, CBD Safe Way spent two years on scientific research and professional development of their brand to get the perfect products. They worked closely with the government and FSA to test their products and ensure they met all the legal selling requirements.

Are CBD Safe Way sprays made from broad-spectrum oil?

Yes, the CBD spray is broad-spectrum CBD meaning there will be no traces of THC within the products. You will only find small traces of THC in products and brands that are labelled full-spectrum.

Why should I go for CBD spray instead of oil?

Some prefer CBD spray instead of CBD oil as it’s easier to apply under the tongue, with a spray instead of a dropper. You will need to hold the spray or the dropper under your tongue for a few seconds, about 50 seconds maximum to make sure the CBD goes into your bloodstream.

Are CBD Safe Way sprays suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians?

Yes, CBD Safe Way sprays are ideal for anyone who leads a Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyle as they contain no animal products. With eco-friendly packaging, they’re always keeping the environment in mind with their products.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.