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At Zeal CBD, we pride ourselves on selling some of the most premium CBD brands and products. There are many different uses for CBD but the primary ones are to help fight anxiety, depression, reduce pain, help with PTSD and improve sleep. Our online CBD shop is home to a range of products and brands that create CBD edibles, skin care, drinks, capsules, vapes and more. Browse our store and find something suitable to improve your health while educating yourself on the benefits of taking CBD in a variety of different ways.


If you are in search of CBD infused products, one of our favourite brands is CBD Performance who create oils, supplements, and skincare. This brand creates Vegan-friendly products that are easy to use and the owners promote using CBD within the sports industry. Their products are ideal for treating inflammation, stress, heart health, and immune system health. Use our filtering feature to narrow down your CBD search and find products to target exactly what you want to improve health-wise, mentally or physically. Remember, if you spend over £60 at Zeal CBD you will qualify for free delivery, and order by 2pm for our same day dispatch advantage.

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Who is CBD Performance?


CBD Performance was founded by Simon Church and Russell Short; they had a ‘lightbulb’ moment that motivated them to start the company together. They wanted to scrap the stigma around CBD and make it more accessible to anyone that understood the benefits. After being unable to understand why CBD wasn’t used by more people, they set up CBD Performance with a mission to help people globally with their fine quality products. They focus on passion and expertise when creating their popular CBD supplements.


All CBD Performance products are made from 100% natural ingredients, so there is nothing nasty inside them. Ideal for sports, fitness and exercising, this brand strives to educate their target audience while sharing their best nutritional knowledge. Innovation is at the core of everything they do and they are driven by improving and reviewing products regularly. At Zeal CBD, we only stock the best brands and we like how transparent CBD Performance is.


CBD Performance Products


CBD Performance emphasises the benefits CBD can have after exercise, such as improving recovery time as well as aiding sleep, and managing anxiety levels. If you are someone that keeps forgetting to take your CBD during the day, there are options for a night spray oil made by CBD Performance. These products can be taken orally or can double up as skincare products and be sprayed on to the face before bed, you will be glowing inside and out.


If you are looking to improve your immune system to fight off viruses and avoid illness, you can go for CBD Performance’s multivitamin oil that is available with 500mg or 1200mg of CBD present. If you are new to using CBD, you can go for the oils with less to begin with or jump straight in to experience the full effects. We would highly recommend these oils to anyone that has an autoimmune disease. Keep yourself fit and strong with CBD Performance products, whether it’s a spray, oil or tincture drops, you end up going for.

CBD Performance FAQs

Are CBD Performance products suitable for Vegans?

Yes, all CBD Performance products are suitable for Vegans. They pride themselves on products that are completely free from any animal ingredients and are 100% natural. You won’t need to check specific products as all products are Vegan-friendly.

Does CBD Performance have any THC products?

No, none of the CBD Performance products have any THC in them, they are primarily a CBD brand. They believe CBD is powerful enough to do the work for mental and physical health without the THC element.

Can professional athletes use CBD Performance products?

Yes, you can use CBD products if you are a professional athlete, but you will need to ensure they meet the doping rules and regulations. The only products recommended for professional athletes are the CBD Performance ‘Pro Series’, all the products included in this range have a sticker next to them.

What does ‘broad spectrum’ mean?

You will notice ‘broad spectrum’ on some of our products, particularly the CBD Performance oils, this is when all compounds found in the plant are preserved to maintain all the benefits possible. Apart from the THC benefits, these cannabinoids have been removed from CBD Performance products.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.