CBD Leafline


At Zeal CBD, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best and most premium CBD products out there. Depending on what you want to use CBD products for, anxiety, depression, pain relief, PTSD symptoms, or simply to get a better night’s sleep, we have you covered with some of the best brands. At Zeal CBD, we have CBD drinks, edibles, skin care, capsules, and vapes, all available to order from our online CBD shop.

If you are in search of CBD infused products, one of our favourite brands is CBD Leafline who create oils, skincare, and gummies. They are a family-owned business with an aim to help people sleep better, help relieve stress and anxiety, improve skin, and generally target any kind of muscle pain and inflammation.  You can filter by exactly what you want to target with your CBD product, this could be heart health, anxiety, pain relief, sleep or inflammation within the body. If you spend over £60 at Zeal CBD you will qualify for free delivery on all UK orders.

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Who are CBD Leafline?


In 2018, Paul and his wife Sonia Shrive set up CBD Leafline together after experiencing the positive effects of cannabis. Paul had an experience in Africa with his father, where he realised how versatile the cannabis plant was when he watched people use it to build homes, make rope, clothing and even soap. He was just 15 years old on this trip, but it had a long standing impact on him and inspired him to set up CBD Leafline later in life when cannabidiol CBD was recognised for its benefits in the UK. In 2016, CBD was classed as a food supplement in the UK and this enabled Paul to finally create his own CBD-infused products to share with others. Paul and Sonia have recently been shortlisted for the 2021 Beauty Awards for their company, CBD Leafline.

The team were prepared to set up their own business together with backgrounds in marketing and customer service, so they felt ready when CBD Leafline came about. As partners, their joint knowledge of health, fitness and beauty was a bonus and asset to their business, it helped them get everything off the ground. They were never in a rush with CBD Leafline and taking their time with research clearly worked a treat as they now have high quality organic products that appeal to a wide range of audiences. With a focus on educating their customers, you can trust this brand’s CBD products and they are all created in Mr and Mrs Shrive’s own facility. You won’t be left with any questions as they put effort into their packaging and make sure it’s easy for anyone to understand. Education is at the core of CBD Leafline.


CBD Leafline Products


The owners of CBD Leafline practice what they preach and use their CBD Leafline products on a daily basis, this has resulted in better well-being for their whole family. Some of our favourite products from CBD Leafline at Zeal CBD are skincare orientated, these include CBD cellulite toning, body lotions and face serums made from collagen and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients promote toned skin and give your complexion the attention it sometimes needs.

For those looking to introduce products to help with inflammation and pain relief, CBD Leafline creates muscle and tattoo balms, of course infused with CBD. They can be used all over the body to help soften skin and release tension, the tattoo balm specifically can be used after having a tattoo to help prevent infections. Browse CBD Leafline’s products to find a saviour to help you deal with any internal or external pain and inflammation.


CBD Leafline FAQs

Does CBD Leafline have any flavoured products?

Yes, if you want your edible CBD to be flavoured you can find Leafline CBD oil in a delicious citrus twist or strawberry flavour. Having CBD in a flavoured form makes it easier to take for some people, especially if they’re beginners at using CBD products.

Why should you go for skincare that’s CBD infused?

Studies show that going for skin care that’s CBD infused has anti-inflammatory benefits when applied on the skin. It can help with acne and will make your skin look and feel amazing. If you’ve never tried it before, you can go for smaller CBD Leafline products to begin with, there are little 15ml eye gel options made by CBD Leafline.

Are CBD Leafline products suitable for Vegans?

Yes, Leafline products are natural and Vegan-friendly. They are all home-made in the UK. You can double check on specific product listings to see if they’re Vegan-friendly, but the owners of CBD Leafline always keep this in mind when creating their products.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.