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For specially formulated skincare products that are infused with CBD, look no further than Canna Magic at Zeal CBD. Canna Magic create beautiful CBD skincare and CBD bath products from CBD balms to CBD bath bombs and CBD soaps to help your skin be nourished and soothed. Take your self-care to the next level by incorporating it into your evening routine for a calming, relaxing or invigorating sensation. Shop the full range of Canna Magic CBD skincare in our online CBD shop now.

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Canna Magic at Zeal CBD


Canna Magic are known for their selection of cosmetic and skincare products that are kind to skin and infused with CBD. The brand creates natural skincare products to help with problematic and inflamed skin. Their range includes CBD soaps that provide the skin with vital fatty acids and vitamins for soft and healthy skin, CBD balms to provide muscle relief, CBD bath bombs for a relaxing self-care experience and many more incredible products.


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Canna Magic believe in plant power and specialise in hemp and CBD skincare. Canna Magic create relaxing CBD infused bath bombs that are perfect to use at the end of a stressful day. An evening soak with Canna Magic bath bombs help to relax your muscles, replenish your skin and offer an escape from daily stressors. The Canna Magic bath bombs offer a tranquillity of soothing bath time treatments that can de-stress before bedtime leading to a calm night’s sleep. Each bath bomb contains 100mg broad-spectrum CBD oil, hemp, coconut oil and cocoa butter along with a blend of other soothing ingredients.


You can choose from a range of different CBD bath bombs like the Energy bath bomb to leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed, the Peace bath bomb to help you relax and find mental clarity, the Love bath bomb to help calm and soothe your mood, the Man bath bomb to help you feel detoxed and refreshed with the peppery smell and many more.


Other incredible skin-friendly products by Canna Magic include muscle balm to help relax you after a workout, CBD soap to cleanse your skin and provide it with the essential nutrients, bath salts in a range of fragrances to enhance your bath time and many more. Each Canna Magic product has its own benefits and can help your skin, body and mind to relax, unwind or re-energise. Shop the full range of Canna Magic CBD skin products online at Zeal CBD now.


Benefits of Canna Magic CBD Infused Products


Canna Magic can enhance your nighttime ritual and leave you feeling fully calm, relaxed and ready for bed. However, the calming benefits aren’t the only reason you should invest in Canna Magic skincare! It may also:


  • Treat sore muscles
  • Soften dry and rough skin
  • Calm anxiety and promote relaxation
  • Act as a humidifier as the essential oils mix with your bath steam
  • Improve general skin health
  • Help with chronic skin conditions and act as an anti-ageing treatment


CBD in skincare has been seen to provide a huge range of benefits due to CBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is extracted from marijuana or hemp plants as a powder and then is typically mixed with an oil like olive, hemp or coconut and used in skincare. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help soothe reactive skin like those who experience acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. Some research suggests that CBD in skincare can also potentially decrease excess sebum. CBD may also be a great anti-ageing ingredient due to the anti-oxidants and is perfect for use on sensitive skin. Browse the full range of CBD skincare by Canna Magic at Zeal CBD to see how your skin can benefit from the soothing ingredients.

Canna Magic FAQs

How do you use Canna Magic CBD bath bombs?

To use your CBD bath bomb, fill your bathtub with warm water and, once full, drop in the bath bomb and wait for it to dissolve. Once it’s fully dissolved, get in the bath and enjoy the gorgeous aromas and the silky smooth feel of your skin. The essential oils can help you to relax and destress whilst the moisturising and soothing ingredients can nourish your skin and provide your skin with the nutrients and fatty acids it needs.

What is broad-spectrum CBD?

Broad-spectrum CBD is one of the main forms of CBD that contains several cannabis plant compounds and is typically entirely THC free or contains trace amounts. Broad-spectrum CBD contains additional compounds from the cannabis plant including Cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene and terpenes. It has antibiotic, anti-seizure and anti-inflammatory effects.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.