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Green Apron CBD was founded in 2016 and is a vegan, organic, halal and kosher brand to create products that are marketed towards those who buy with the earth in mind. Green Apron CBD are constantly evolving the CBD market based on feedback from customers, retailers and suppliers and will continue to work to make ground-breaking CBD products for you. Read more about Green Apron CBD and buy their full range of products right here at Zeal CBD.

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Green Apron CBD was founded in 2016 to create vegan-friendly, organic, halal and kosher products as the market was lacking products catered to earth-loving customers. The brand started as a ground-breaking company in the CBD market with over 200 products like herbal soap made from organic ingredients, aromatic soy wax melts, terpene infused candles, aloe vera gels and oils. Green Apron CBD’s range of products are the core elements for any beauty routine, and this brand’s products are created with quality, usability, and innovation in mind.


Today, Green Apron CBD are constantly evolving and shaping the CBD industry using the feedback from suppliers, retailers, and customers to design top-quality products that deliver incredible results mentally and physically.


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Green Apron CBD provide a range of wellness items in the form of CBD oils, CBD skincare and cosmetics, CBD isolate and much more. Choose CBD isolate, which is a crystal solid or powder containing pure cannabidiol which, when used, acts on the cannabinoid receptors in the human body to influence many bodily functions like appetite, memory, mood, and pain. CBD skincare by Green Apron CBD can help to reduce inflammation of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis acne and many more. Some even note a reduction in redness after using CBD skincare due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Browse the range of Green Apron CBD capsules which are easy to swallow and contain a specific amount of CBD per tab. Having capsules makes dosing your CBD easier and makes it easier for you to take in a rush or on the go. Oils are a completely natural supplement that can be easily incorporated into your daily routines. You can drop them under your tongue, into your tea or however else you prefer to take it. It makes for quick absorption, and you can dose easily with the dropper. Shop the full range of Green Apron CBD products at Zeal CBD now.

Green Apron CBD FAQs

How do you use CBD cosmetics?

Green Apron CBD cosmetics come in a range of forms from skincare to haircare to aromatherapy. Candles infused with CBD fill your home with incredible scents whilst helping you to feel less stressed and calmer. You can choose a range of scents like tropical, liquorice, mango, wedding cake and much more. Shampoo blocks let you easily wash your hair whilst getting the benefits of CBD, whilst CBD soap gives your skin hydration whilst they cleanse.

Will I get high with Green Apron CBD?

No, there’s are no psychoactive components in the range of Green Apron CBD products that you associate with THC. The CBD may help you to feel more relaxed and less anxious.

All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.