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CBD oil for pets, pet treats and even CBD-infused food is increasingly popular with pet owners. Discover what makes CBD pet products in the UK an excellent way to supplement your pet’s health and wellbeing.

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Finding a reliable and healthy way to care for their animals is a top priority for many pet owners. From health supplements to the right diet, the average pet owner spends hundreds to thousands of pounds a year ensuring their furry friend has the care needed to thrive. As CBD has grown more popular and widespread, we’ve started to see many products favoured by humans transformed into CBD pet products in the UK.

With research showing that CBD can positively affect a range of health complaints, with none of the toxicity of THC, CBD for pets is a more accessible option than ever before. Whether you’re looking for CBD pet oil in the UK to handle a specific symptom or issue your pet is having, or you’re just looking for the best way to help them thrive in the long term, Zeal CBD has plenty of options for you to choose from. Check out our complete guide below to know everything you need to know about pet CBD in the UK.

What are CBD pet products?

CBD for pets comes in many different forms, which we have covered in detail below. While differing mediums may be used to administer CBD, from targeted pet relief CBD products to general health supplements and oils, the result is the same. CBD pet products are designed with your furry friends in mind and are formulated specifically to be safe for use in dogs, cats, and potentially other animals that you care for.

As CBD has grown in popularity as a supplement, particularly alongside other treatments in pets with health conditions, more vets than ever are open to the idea of pet relief CBD oil. CBD pet food and other topical solutions are popular solutions, though it is essential to consult with your vet before trying any new supplements or wellness products. If your pet is already taking other prescribed medication, it’s vital to check that they can take pet relief CBD products in addition to the medication they are currently on.

What kinds of CBD pet products are available?

CBD pet products are available in various styles and application methods, allowing you to choose the method that best suits your four-legged friend. These include:

CBD oil for pets

If you’re looking for the most common solution for CBD, CBD pet oil in the UK is likely to be the first option you come across. As a versatile choice that suits pets of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, CBD oil tends to be easy to administer as it only takes seconds. Whether you prefer to use a dropper straight into your pets’ mouth or you find they tolerate CBD better when mixed into their food, CBD oil for pets is one of the most flexible options on the market.

CBD pet cream

If you are looking for a more targeted option for CBD for pets, CBD pet cream may be the ideal solution. While many CBD options are administered through consumption, creams instead allow greater concentration. This option may be suited to pets with specific joint pain or health concerns, as well as those that don’t like the taste of CBD and refuse to eat it without fuss.

CBD pet spray

CBD pet spray is an alternative to dropper-style oil bottles, allowing CBD to be sprayed onto food or directly into your pet’s mouth for ease of use. Pet spray is an excellent alternative for fast, convenient application of CBD, and is also handy when you’re on the go, whether you’re off on a pet-friendly holiday or away for the day.

CBD pet treats

Treats are an excellent way to provide pets with the healthy supplements they need while creating a positive association with CBD. CBD pet treats come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and flavours, making it easy to find a suitable treat that your particular pet will love.

Pet CBD food

As CBD has become more widespread, some of the UK’s top pet food manufacturers and specialist pet wellness brands have entered the CBD edibles market. Both kibble and wet food are now available with CBD included as standard, allowing you to provide your pet with helpful supplements without having to add any new steps to your daily routine.

What benefit does CBD use in pets provide?

CBD has plenty of benefits for human consumption – so it should come as no surprise to find that your pets can gain just as much from CBD as we do. Here are just some of the benefits your pets can get out of CBD:

Reducing anxiety and stress

CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress in both people and animals. For pets, this may be anxiety about fireworks, new and scary places, or even separation anxiety from their owners.

Reducing all kinds of pain

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may directly impact joint pain, chronic pain, cramps and long-term health issues, helping your pet restore movement and improve wellbeing.

Helping to restore healthy digestion

CBD has been shown to support healthier digestion in animals and is an excellent addition to their food or alternative to other treats that may cause stomach issues.

Reducing nausea

From carsickness to illness from other health concerns, CBD can help reduce nausea and make your pet more comfortable at home or on car journeys.

Managing symptoms from chronic illnesses

CBD can be an excellent addition to a treatment routine for anything from cancer to arthritis, with anti-inflammatory properties helping reduce pain and symptoms over time.

Buy CBD pet oil in the UK online now

Ready to give CBD a try for your furry friend? Browse our full range of pet-friendly products at Zeal CBD today to discover the perfect solution for your pet. With anything from CBD pet oil UK products to treats and creams for CBD use in pets, we’ve got something for even the fussiest of four-legged friends. Shop now to find the perfect match for your best friend.


Is CBD for pets safe for all animals?

CBD is most commonly used for cats and dogs, and many CBD brands and products are geared specifically to suit pets of that specific size. As a non-intoxicating chemical, CBD has been used to treat animals of all shapes and sizes. But it’s always best to consult a professional to ensure CBD is suitable for your pets.

Does CBD work for pets?

CBD has been reported to have anti-inflammatory properties, which means you may see a difference in the movement and behaviour of pets struggling with arthritis, pain, or other health concerns.

Can I switch up which CBD method I use for my pet?

As CBD is non-toxic, it’s easy to switch methods to find the best option for you and your pet. If you’d like to use CBD pet food day-to-day but switch to CBD pet oil on the road, you can do so with no added steps required.

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