We have a wide range of CBD wax products that contain a high concentration of CBD and can be easily vaporised or dabbed for quick and effective results. Find out more about CBD wax, what its benefits are, how to use it and shop our pure CBD wax for sale in the UK.

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Premium CBD Wax UK

CBD wax is perfectly legal in the UK and can be used for a variety of purposes, including pain relief, the reduction of anxiety and as an anti-inflammatory. CBD wax is a concentrate that is derived from the hemp or cannabis plant. It is made out of plant matter during the CBD extraction process for a concentrated and highly potent product that is becoming increasingly popular. If you are looking to buy CBD wax in the UK, this product contains a high concentration of CBD and it’s a good idea to start slowly. It can be used in a number of ways, including dabbing and vaporising and is becoming increasingly popular. At ZealCBD we only stock the purest, highest-quality CBD wax in the UK and all of our products are in line with the very highest industry standards.

What are the benefits of CBD wax?

Many people choose CBD wax because it has a higher concentration of CBD than other products, so you’ll experience the same results without having to consume as much. CBD resin wax is an extract from the cannabis plant which is highly potent, and it can also be known as CBD concentrate because it is a concentrated form of the substance. CBD wax can also be known as crumble due to its texture and it is often chosen by those who are experienced CBD users due to its potency. Another benefit of CBD wax is that the vapours can be easily absorbed by the body through inhalation. It’s a highly versatile CBD product that can be tailored to make a harsh, intense vapour or a smoother, less strong vapour. It is simple to use if you have the right equipment, and it can also be a quick way to feel the effects of CBD without smoking or ingesting it.

The different types of CBD extract

There are numerous types of CBD wax in the UK, but when it comes to the type of CBD extract, it is usually either oil or wax. During the cannabis manufacturing process, CBD is extracted from the plant and concentrated down to make a thick substance, which is what we know as CBD extract wax. There are different forms of CBD wax, including CBD ointments which are designed for topical application and use CBD resin wax as their base ingredient. You can also buy CBD live resin wax, which is a concentrate that contains more terpenes than other products. The resin is produced from fresh-frozen plant matter, without decarboxylating the plant first, so more flavours and aromas are included. High-quality CBD live resin wax is an increasingly popular option that contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, fatty acids, and terpenes for an entourage effect.

How do you use CBD resin wax?

There are a few different ways you can use CBD wax and it is a key component in many CBD products, like skin creams and ointments. If you want to use CBD dab wax in the UK, it is usually consumed directly either through vaporising or dabbing. Using CBD wax can be simple with the right equipment and there are a lot of variations of CBD wax for sale in the UK, in fact for many people it’s their preferred method. It’s best to start with a small amount of CBD wax because it is so strong and then increase slowly as you get used to the effects. It is not recommended to ingest CBD wax and if you prefer edibles, we have a wide range of CBD oils, gummies, and edibles.

Dabbing with CBD dab wax

In order to use CBD dab wax, you will need a dab rig, which is a larger wax vaporiser that has a water bubbler to cool down the vapour. A dab rig is a device used to create CBD vapour to inhale and there are a wide variety of dab rigs available on the market. The process of using CBD wax through dabbing involves applying the CBD wax to a very hot surface and inhaling the fumes. You will need to heat a small amount of CBD dab wax using a dab rig, which has a nail where the wax vaporises. After the CBD wax has been directly applied to the heated nail, the user then inhales the vapour.

Vaping with CBD extract wax

Another popular way of using CBD extract wax is using a vape pen, which can be easily carried around and is simple to use. You will need a vaporiser that is specifically designed to use with CBD extract wax, a normal vape pen is not recommended for use. Wax vaping is becoming more popular, and there are a variety of devices available to customise your vaping experience. You can also get vaporisers that have a different type of coil that will create a stronger or softer vapour if you are looking for CBD wax near me.

How is CBD hash wax made?

CBD wax is made during the carbon dioxide supercritical extraction process, which is used to separate the different components in the plant. There are different methods of producing the best CBD wax, and the plant matter is usually concentrated down to a pure form of CBD, which results in wax. The term CBD hash wax can be used to describe any soft, semi-solid concentrate from the plant, and it can also have a crumbly texture. There are a number of varieties of CBD wax for sale in the UK so it’s important to look at the CBD content.

Try CBD wax

If you want to buy CBD wax in the UK, at Zeal CBD we have a huge selection of options to choose from so you can enjoy the many benefits of CBD in a pure and versatile form. From premium CBD live resin wax to easy to vape CBD extract wax, find the best CBD wax for you today.


Will CBD wax get me high?

No, our premium CBD extract wax contains pure CBD, without THC (the compound which makes you high) so you don’t have to worry about using it throughout the day as it won’t make you feel drowsy or high.

What is the best temperature for dabbing CBD wax?

Low-temperature dabbing requires an optimum temperature of around 215 degrees celsius and it produces a smoother vapour with a strong flavour. For bigger clouds of more potent vapour, high-temperature dabbing requires temperatures above 315 degrees celsius.

Does CBD wax actually work?

Though there needs to be more research into the benefits of cannabidiols, wax is often chosen by users due to its high potency and effectiveness, compared with other CBD products. If you are looking for the medicinal benefits of CBD, then CBD wax can work well.

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