CBD Supplements

CBD Supplements

Learn about CBD supplements, the different types available, and what the CBD supplement benefits of taking them are.

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As research continues, it’s becoming more evident that the benefits of taking CBD out way the cons. Because of this, CBD has integrated well into the mainstream, with health care professionals offering it as a treatment for short-term anxiety and short-term pain relief. For those new to CBD, it can be challenging to know where to start. With so many products on offer in the market, it’s understandable that you may feel confused and undecided on what to begin with.

At Zeal CBD, we are experts in CBD and are passionate about providing customers with products to improve their quality of life. We also want to ensure that our customers are fully informed so that they know what they are taking exactly and the effects they can expect to feel as a result.

What are supplements?

Supplements can be found in various forms, from CBD capsules to CBD gummies, and are used to supplement one’s diet. Supplements are popular amongst those who cut out specific food sources in their diet, such as vegans, to increase their consumption of certain nutrients they may be lacking due to eradicating some food sources. They’re also used to improve one’s health as adding certain nutrients is believed to lower certain health risks.

What are CBD supplements?

CBD supplements are like regular supplements, except they contain a dosage of CBD. If you’re new to CBD products, you may be more familiar with oils that you take by placing several drops under your tongue without swallowing. By not swallowing, your body has an easier time absorbing the CBD. Because of this, many people argue that CBD oils are the superior way to take CBD. With CBD supplements like CBD softgels and gummies, however, you need to swallow them, which could impact how much you feel the effect of the CBD. This is because CBD supplements like pills take longer to digest and, unlike CBD oils, need to break down. However, CBD gels are perhaps one of the most effective ways to take CBD as they are direct and explicitly designed to boost the effects of CBD.

What are the CBD supplement benefits?

The more research we conduct on CBD, the more we understand it. While there are certainly risks, the studies mostly show CBD products in a positive light. However, it’s essential when first trying CBD supplements to remember that CBD affects people differently. Additionally, suppose you are using CBD for medical purposes. In that case, it’s crucial to consult a doctor as large doses of CBD could result in withdrawal symptoms if used for a long period. You may also experience several side effects from taking CBD, though, for the average person, they tend to be mild. Headaches and fatigues are some examples of commonly experienced side effects. But let’s focus on the benefits, of which there are a few:

Reduces anxiety

One of the main reasons why people take CBD supplements is to relax. CBD reduces anxiety by interacting with reactors in your brain that produce the fight or flight response. The supplement is an easy and discreet way to take CBD, though as we’ve mentioned previously, it may take longer than other products like oils to feel the effects depending on the type of supplement. That being said, you can find supplements with high dosages to compensate.

Increases energy

Supplements are generally taken to improve someone’s general health, which can increase one’s energy. CBD supplements are often marketed as an energy-boosting solution, and because of this, we suggest taking them in the morning to prolong energy levels and focus throughout the day.

Increased nutrients

You can find CBD supplements, particularly capsules, with added nutrients. Increasing your nutrient intake has been shown to increase overall health and reduce the chances of developing health problems in the future. With the addition of improved anxiety and increased energy, CBD supplements ultimately help increase your holistic wellbeing.

Improves sleep

Studies suggest that CBD can improve insomnia and other sleep disorders. This is done partially by reducing anxiety levels which can be a contributing factor to poor sleep. In addition to lowering anxiety levels, CBD helps to relax sore muscles and pressing pains, making it easier for the user to get into a comfortable position, ready for sleep.

Eases pain

CBD is an alternative to medical marijuana and has been recommended by health professionals as a short-term pain relief option for those with long-term medical conditions such as cancer and chronic illness. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD continues to be a promising treatment.

What types of products do CBD supplement companies offer?

There’s a variety of CBD supplements on offer. The best CBD supplements for you will depend on how you want to take CBD and what you want to use it for. Below are the most popular types of CBD supplements offered by companies:

CBD gummies

Gummies are a fun way to consume CBD, and they are one of the best CBD supplements to take because they have a range of flavours, so it’s easy to fund one that you’ll enjoy taking. They’re also portable and discreet, meaning you can take them on the go without much fuss. When purchasing gummies, however, it’s important to look at each product before making a buying decision. This is because no two gummies are the same. We particularly recommend looking at the dosage of each gummy and any extra benefits listed on the label. You should also make sure that you check the ingredients list, as not all gummies are suited for all diets. However, gummies are typically made with high-quality ingredients and incorporate natural sugars for flavouring.

CBD capsules and pills

CBD capsules and pills are a convenient way to take CBD with added benefits. Capsules and pills are recommended, especially if you want to improve your energy levels throughout the day or are looking to increase your intake of certain nutrients. Like gummies, ensure that you check the dosage and ingredients list if you have a restrictive diet.

CBD gels

Historically, gels have been used primarily as a way for athletes to enhance performance. They’re especially popular for those taking part in long runs like marathons. CBD gels are also used to increase athletic performance, but they are mainly taken to soothe the pain of tired joints. CBD gels are popular because they are convenient and easier to use, especially for those that have trouble swallowing pills or chewing gummies. Additionally, they are designed to increase bioavailability, which means that your body will more easily feel the effect of CBD. For this reason, CBD gels are a perfect option for those using CBD for medical purposes or athletes.

CBD nootropics

Nootropics are a drug, supplement, or substance that aims to improve cognitive function, focusing on increasing memory motivation and creativity. They’re perfectly safe but should be used in small dosages as there is potential for addiction. This is because a person can develop a tolerance or become dependent on them to function.

Can you buy CBD supplements in the UK?

CBD supplements are available in the UK so long as they don’t contain a detectable amount of THC or CBN. Some CBD products in the UK may contain THC, but it will be a very small amount, 0.2% to be exact.

Zeal CBD is a new and exciting brand that aims to provide CBD products to increase one’s quality of life, whether through pain relief or reduced anxiety. Currently, we have two types of products on offer, including CBD supplements. We’ve used our expertise to manufacture the perfect CBD products. If you want to purchase CBD supplements from a trustworthy brand, look no further than Zeal CBD. Buy CBD supplements UK online today!


Can you overdose on CBD?

It’s highly unlikely that you can overdose on CBD. However, taking a regular high dosage can negatively impact the body and may even cause long-term health problems like liver disease. It’s important only to take as much as the packaging on your chosen CBD product recommends. This is especially important if you are going to be taking CBD regularly.

How long does it take to feel the effects of CBD?

How long it takes for you to feel the effect will depend on how much you take and the way you take it. But once the effects have kicked in, they can last from 2 to 6 hours.

Do CBD products contain THC?

It depends on the product. Generally, there are three types of CBD which contain different compounds. Isolates only contain CBD, while broad-spectrum products include most compounds of the cannabis plant and full-spectrum consists of all compounds in the cannabis plant. These products will have the most THC.

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