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If you are considering taking CBD to help with medical ailments, you have probably already heard of CBD oil. This is a liquid form of CBD that you place under your tongue. However, did you know that you can get CBD oil in a solid form? Feel free to browse our products for all of our CBD solid items. If you want more information, read on, as we answer lots of questions related to CBD.

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What are CBD solids?

For starters, what are CBD solids? Well, they are pretty much just CBD oil in a solid form. This type of CBD has been set in a fridge or cool environment or just at room temperature and is now a solid rather than a liquid, so you take it in a similar way to CBD oil.

CBD is part of the cannabis plant. It contains natural healing properties, but importantly, CBD does not have any THC in it, which is the active ingredient that can cause psychosis. This means that if you take CBD, you won’t experience any ‘high’ feeling, as you might with other forms of cannabis. You shouldn’t notice any impact on your mentality at all. However, CBD can have healing properties from the first time you take it.

CBD is legal in the UK and across the USA. In the UK, it is only permitted if it doesn’t contain detectable amounts of THC. The same rules apply in the US, although cannabis with THC is legal in some US states, such as Washington and Colorado. However, CBD without THC is easy to acquire across the UK and USA, particularly through online specialist stores like Zeal CBD. CBD oil is made into a solid by leaving it to set in a fridge or at room temperature. Once it has been set, you can take it in a few different ways.

What can CBD solids help?

CBD oil solid and other types of CBD can help a range of different conditions, such as:

Anxiety – It can help to decrease the likelihood of panic attacks and improve general anxiety.

Depression – A small amount of CBD can help to ease depression and help you to think straight.

Chronic pain – CBD has been revered for its painkiller properties, with many people preferring to take it rather than drugs like paracetamol.

Acne – CBD has been proven to clear up skin and give it a glow.

Heart health – Research is still being carried out, but CBD could help to protect your heart.

Neuroprotection – Research is still in its early stages, but there has been evidence to suggest that CBD could help those with neurophysiological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome, and multiple sclerosis.

Cancer healing – Again, research is in its early stages, but studies have suggested that CBD could help to shrink tumours and improve cancer symptoms, with some scientists even suggesting that it could cure cancer.

Of course, if you experience any of the above disorders, it is important to discuss your treatment with your doctor. They may suggest that you take other medications as well or instead of CBD.

Do CBD solids actually do anything?

Although we have seen CBD’s epic potential in the paragraph above, it must be said that most of the research is still at its early stages and CBD is not widely accepted as a form of treatment yet. It is most commonly taken by people with anxiety or chronic pain, but others are sure that it has helped them with conditions like diabetes or cancer. Plenty of research still needs to be done.

How to take CBD oil solid

You can take CBD solid by breaking off a little and placing it under your tongue. The heat of your mouth will help to melt the CBD, and then you will be able to consume it as an oil. You only need a small amount of CBD oil solid. The average dosage for CBD is 20 – 50 mg, which is a small pinch about 0.2 cm in diameter. Typically, it is best to start with a very small dose at first and gradually increase it until you feel the effect. This will also help you save money.

What are the advantages of CBD solid?

The main advantage of CBD solid is that it is very transportable. You can take it with you when you leave your house and break a bit off whenever you need it. You don’t run the risk of a bottle smashing and getting liquid everywhere.

You also may find it easier to take a regular amount each time. This is because drops of CBD can be different sizes and it is difficult always to discern how big the drop that you are taking is. On the other hand, CBD solid is easy to measure and take effectively.

When will I start to feel the effect of taking CBD?

As CBD is not psychoactive, you might not notice a definite point when the effects kick in. However, many people report some easing of their symptoms after 30-90 minutes. It depends on what you’re taking CBD for, though; if you are trying it for anxiety, for example, you may not notice it until you have taken a few doses. At this point, you might realise that your mentality has changed in the last few days, and be able to accredit this to your CBD.

Where can I buy CBD solids in the UK?

You can buy CBD solid in the UK online or at speciality stores. Our company, Zeal CBD, specialises in all different types of CBD. You can buy CBD solids, CBD drinks or any other type of CBD products on our website and we will deliver the item to your door.

FAQs about CBD solids

Are CBD solids in the UK legal?

Yes, CBD solids in the UK is legal, as is any other form of CBD. The only catch is that it must not contain detectable levels of THC, which none of our products at Zeal CBD do.

Are CBD solids legal abroad?

CBD solids UK are also legal in the USA and some other countries, however, they are not legal everywhere. If you are travelling abroad, it is important to check the legislation of the country you are going to. Carrying CBD is still thought of as a criminal offence in some countries, so do be careful if you are leaving the UK.

Are CBD solids safe?

Yes, CBD solids UK are very safe. It is virtually the same product as CBD oil and is easy to take. What’s more, it doesn’t have any THC or harmful properties, so you can take it without worrying.

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