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Are you struggling to sleep? CBD sleep aid can help you drift off into the land of nod that little bit easier. If you want to purchase the best CBD oil for sleep, you can browse our selection available on Zeal CBD. Alternatively, continue reading to learn more about CBD and insomnia, and the best CBD for sleep.

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What is CBD oil for sleep?

CBD is one of the 100+ components of the cannabis plant. It has been extracted from the plant and does not contain traceable amounts of THC, which is what gives cannabis users the high feeling. This makes it safe and legal in the UK.

CBD is used medically for various purposes, including for insomnia.

CBD and sleep deprivation: What is insomnia?

Insomnia is chronically not being able to sleep. Everybody struggles to nod off sometimes, but insomnia is characterised by constant sleepless nights. It can be caused by mental health problems like anxiety, depression and stress, physical health conditions or external factors. Severe insomnia can affect all aspects of your life, including relationships, work, and your social life. It can be very debilitating. The good news is that you can use CBD to help sleep.

Does CBD help sleep?

If you’re wondering, “can CBD make you sleep?”, yes it can.

You can take CBD to improve sleep quality. Studies have shown that it reacts with cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can cause insomnia and sleep difficulty. Most people have high cortisol levels in the morning, but those with insomnia may have high cortisol levels at night. CBD can help to lower these.

CBD can also help with stress and anxiety, which can in turn affect your sleep. CBD can also encourage REM sleep, making you feel better in the morning!

Can I take CBD for sleep apnea?

There is no concrete evidence that CBD can treat sleep apnea. Moreover, as sleep apnea can cause serious conditions, it is recommended to get it treated by a doctor.

Can CBD help me fall asleep quicker?

Yes, as CBD lowers the amount of cortisol in your body at night, it can help you to fall asleep quicker. You can also use CBD to improve sleep quality, as it increases the amount of time you spend in deep REM sleep, which will enable you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

What is the correct dosage for CBD for sleep?

We recommend taking a small dosage at first to see if that works for your body. If it doesn’t, you can increase it slowly but keep track of how much you are taking and consult a doctor if you are concerned. For example, you could start at 20mg per day and increase it slowly by 5mg each day. If you get to a higher amount, such as 70 or 80mg, speak to a doctor before increasing it more.

The amount of CBD that you take does depend on factors like your BMI and weight, your body composition, and the type of CBD that you are taking. For example, the CBD dosage in CBD crumble is much higher than CBD in CBD oil drops or CBD gummies.

It is also good to know that insomnia typically requires higher levels of CBD than other conditions. Therefore, you might find that you need to increase your dosage more than you would with anxiety or chronic pain.

The best CBD oil dosage for sleep is initially to put a couple of drops under your tongue two or three times per day, and 3-4 drops at night. If this doesn’t work, try increasing it a little.

What if I accidentally take too much CBD?

You are unlikely to come to harm if you take too much CBD. However, try to limit doing so by increasing the amount you take slowly. If you take too much and start to feel unwell, speak to a doctor straight away.

Does CBD interact with other medications?

CBD can interact with other medications, so it is recommended to speak to your doctor before trying CBD if you take any. It is known to react with the contraceptive pill and may make it less effective. Therefore, if you take the contraceptive pill, you may want to also consider using a backup form of contraception while you take CBD.

What kinds of CBD can I use for better sleep?

There is a range of different CBDs to help sleep. These include:

CBD oil: This is possibly the most popular type of CBD and is an oil that you put in drops on your tongue. It is easy to take and transportable.

CBD solid: This is a solid form of CBD; you can break small parts off and dissolve them underneath your tongue or add them to food products.

CBD gummies: These are supplements in the form of gummy sweets, and you can consume a few a day to help you sleep.

CBD tea: These are tea bags infused with CBD and are really easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Just drink them instead of your usual tea bags!

CBD soft drinks: These are soft drinks infused with CBD and are easy to add to your daily routine.

CBD crumble: This is a hard form of CBD that you can put into baked goods or smoke.

The best CBD for sleep depends on your individual taste and needs!

Where can I buy the best CBD for sleep?

You can buy the best CBD for sleep online at Zeal CBD. We stock all sorts of high-quality CBD sleep products, including oils, gummies, and cream. We use natural ingredients and high-quality real CBD for sleep so you can sleep easy knowing you are only putting the best stuff inside your body! You can browse all of our true CBD for sleep here.

CBD for sleep FAQs

Is CBD for sleep safe?

Yes, as CBD does not contain traceable amounts of THC, it is very safe and will not give you any psychoactive effects. Some people also consider it to be safer than sleeping tablets as it is completely natural.

What is the best CBD for sleep?

There are lots of different types of CBD that can work well for sleep. Some people prefer oils, whereas others have gummies or teas. We recommend trying a few to find the right type for you.

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