CBD Massage Oils

CBD Massage Oils

CBD massage oils can be perfect when you’re looking to unwind and truly relax. Try the magic of dermal CBD absorption today by checking out our range of products. CBD has been legalised relatively recently, as long as the products you use don’t have a significant amount of THC. The field of products available has been evolving with incredible speed in recent years, offering more and more ways of enjoying the benefits offered by CBD.

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Whilst you might typically think of CBD as something that needs to be consumed, whether eaten or as part of a drink, there are plenty of alternative ways to try CBD. You can now get your CBD dose in a product such as a massage oil, so read on to find out more about how you can improve your mental state with a dose of CBD whilst having a calming massage.

How does CBD oil for massage work?

Where the vast majority of people think that the only way of consuming CBD is through ingestion, whether you do so by drinking a carbonated drink, eating a brownie or simply consuming CBD capsules. However, thanks to scientific advances, this is no longer the only method of CBD consumption.

What is dermal absorption?

Dermal absorption is the way that our bodies can take a chemical from the external surface of our skin and bring it into our body. This can often occur without you even realising, so you can easily get a massage using one of the best CBD massage oil options available whilst feeling no different to a standard massage. For a passive method of taking in your dose of CBD, trying a CBD oil for massage therapies could be the way forward.

What does CBD do?

CBD is often associated with marijuana, however, CBD is not the chemical that provides the high in cannabis consumption. Instead, CBD completes a range of functions that can aid both physical and mental health. For example, CBD has been proven as an effective anti-inflammatory in many cases, which means that many people will use CBD massage oil for pain relief. This is especially helpful for joint pain or sports injuries, as both massage and CBD can help to alleviate any pain that you are feeling.

What CBD massage oil benefits are there?

Another one of the many CBD massage oil benefits on offer is the improved state of mind that you may experience. CBD can increase serotonin production, leading to you feeling far more relaxed. This is why CBD is often used in the treatment of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. CBD isolate massage oils use only CBD rather than combining cannabinoids, so you can be sure of the intended effect.

How can I use CBD to enhance my massage?

There are many different types of massage available to people who are looking for massage therapies, and plenty of these are compatible with the benefits of CBD massage oil.


Aromatherapy CBD massage oil offers a holistic healing treatment that looks to nature for solutions, taking plant extracts and using them to boost your health and wellbeing. Many of the best CBD massage oils in the UK include some of aromatherapies key tenets in their product. This means that you can see the benefits of other organic and natural ingredients working closely in tandem with CBD massage oil benefits, giving you a holistic health solution that can help you in the long run.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is designed for those that may not be used to massage but are interested in giving it a go. These will include movements such as kneading, long flowing strokes and deep circular motions in order to relieve tension and loosen muscle knots. This is one of the most relaxing forms of massage available, which is made even more relaxing when you combine it with the use of a CBD isolate massage oil to give you further psychological benefits.

Sports massage

If you’re an athlete, you may be used to taking part in a sports massage. This can loosen up your joints and help you to reduce the chance of injuries in the long term. However, sports massages can be further improved by bringing in CBD massage oil benefits. As an anti-inflammatory, CBD oil for massage means that you can see further benefits to your joints and muscles, helping you to perform better as the risk of future injury is lowered. In order to make the most of your performance in the world of sport, the best CBD massage oil can take you to the next level.

Alternative CBD products

If CBD oil isn’t the perfect option for you, there is a wide selection of CBD alternatives that may be better suited to your personal tastes and needs. These include, but are far from limited to:

  • CBD shampoo, designed to be easily integrated into your daily routine whilst offering all the benefits of CBD.
  • CBD honey sticks, giving you the benefits of CBD in a quick and easy snack that you can try on the go.
  • CBD energy drinks, providing you with the energy to go on whilst retaining a relaxed mental state.
  • CBD bath additives, providing a similar relaxed environment to that of massage whilst furthering your relaxed state of mind.
  • CBD beard oil, helping you to start your day in a relaxed manner whilst not affecting your day to day morning routines.

Try CBD isolate massage oil today

If you’re interested in seeing the benefits of the best CBD massage oils on the market for yourself, check out our range of CBD products. We curate all of the products in our store in order to make sure that you’re always getting the best when you shop with us. To buy CBD massage oil in the UK just look through our selection of hand-picked products above and see which is best suited for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do CBD products contain THC?

By law, CBD products are not allowed to contain more than 0.2% CBD. This means that you won’t run the risk of consuming THC when you go through with purchasing your CBD massage oil of choice.

Do massage therapists use CBD massage oils?

This varies depending on your specific massage therapist. You may be able to ask your masseuse about the massage oils they use, and specifically request that they use a CBD option. However, due to dermal absorption and the hands-on nature of massage, they may deny your request.

How much CBD should I try in a day?

Massage therapy is a great way to get started with CBD as you are likely to absorb less CBD from a massage than if you were to try capsules. Typically, you should try 10mg to 20mg a day to get used to the effects of CBD and see how you feel.

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All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.