CBD Gel Tablets

CBD Gel Tablets

CBD Gels and CBD gel tablets are the up and coming product that has been reaching new levels of popularity not just in the UK, but also in the US. Check out the great range of CBD gel products we have available at Zeal CBD.

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Our CBD gel products

CBD Gel tabs are a perfectly legal product to be used in the UK and the US, so long as the amount of THC (which is the high that comes from the Cannabis plant) isn’t at a detectable level (around 0.3% maximum) – which it isn’t in all of our CBD products– you’re good to go. However, the way that you use our range of CBD gels and how often you use them can impact your enjoyment of this and other related products.

If you’ve heard of any kind of CBD product before, it’s probably CBD oil drops pr CBD gummies. However, our range of CBD oil gel tabs – although more understated – are an alternative product that has been surging in popularity. They come in two forms: a liquid-like gel that can be used in skincare routines and for pain relief, or as CBD capsules that you can take. It’s important, especially if you’re a first-time buyer, to understand the ins and outs of using CBD gel tablets, including what they can do for you and the best ways to use them. That’s why our experts at Zeal have come together to create this extensive guide. Even if you’re an experienced CBD gel buyer, there’s probably a thing or two you could learn here.

What are the physical effects of CBD gels and tablets?

CBD Gels can have a wide range of physical effects from targeting pain and inflammation to becoming the star product of your skincare routine.

Pain and inflammation

It’s no secret that CBD is used most often to treat cases of pain and/or inflammation. This is because it’s effective at targeting the endocannabinoid system’s cell signalling responses to the brain and the immune system. This means that CBD gel for pain relief can numb pain such as that in the joints, the back, and even for conditions such as arthritis. In addition to this, the Cannabidiol compound found inside our range of gels and tablets has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe angry looking skin. Although you have a choice between applying a gel to an area of pain or taking CBD gel capsules UK, one isn’t more effective than another so it’s down to personal preference which one that you decide to opt for.


Were you expecting CBD gel to become your new favourite skincare product? We’re guessing not, but it has a wide range of exciting uses that make it the perfect all-rounder. For example, you can apply the gel onto irritated skin that has been triggered by instances of razor pain to soothe rashes and bumps. Or you can blend it in with your CBD moisturiser to aid the turnover of new cells for smoother skin, or even dab a few blobs of it onto your face to reduce the excess sebum production that can trigger new spots.

What are the psychological benefits of CBD Gels and Tablets?

Although our range of CBD Gel Tabs UK can be taken to ease the sensation of pain and/or inflammation and to improve skincare, this in itself can have great psychological benefits. Pain and/or inflammation can lead to feelings of depression as it can stop us from doing some of the things that we love. Also, the presence of blemishes or angry skin can incite feelings of depression due to it leaving us with unhappiness with the way that we look. As CBD gel tabs UK can better the skin, they can reduce feelings of depression related to this.

Reduction in feelings of depression and/or anxiety

We’re not claiming that our range of CBD oil gels and tablets can cure mental health conditions such as depression and/or anxiety, but they can help reduce their effects in some users. For example, their effects are a lot more immediate when compared to that of antidepressant medication, which can take weeks to kick in (we don’t recommend that you use CBD as a substitute, but it can be helpful in the short term). CBD gel works by targeting the chemical receptors in our brain that respond to the hormone serotonin, leading to a reduction of feelings such as depression and/or anxiety.

CBD gels and tablets in the UK

CBD gels are used in the UK by those who don’t particularly want to ingest CBD at all. You can simply just rub it onto any part of the body where you feel that is required so that you can feel the external benefits. By using the gel, you also get to smell the outdoorsy, nature like aroma commonly attributed to CBD.

CBD tablets are usually tasteless and are one of the best ways for a user who isn’t too keen on the earthy taste of CBD to be able to ingest it. Even for those who struggle to take tablets, their small size means that they shouldn’t be too much difficulty. By taking CBD tablets in capsule form, you have the bigger advantage of knowing exactly how much CBD you’re ingesting.

What other types of CBD products are there out there?

If you enjoy tasting CBD, you might be interested in our range of CBD drops, you can sprinkle them into anything, from teas to cakes.

Or, if you want to experience a more unique way of ingesting CBD without its rugged taste, there’s also our fun and exciting jellybeans infused with fruity flavours.

CBD can help to clear the skin of both blackheads and blemishes. So why not use our range of CBD makeup to beautify the skin one step further.

Buy CBD gel tablets online

As you’ve probably seen by now, there are numerous benefits to purchasing CBD gels and/or tablets. They are widely affordable and can have a huge impact on your physical and psychological wellbeing. At Zeal, we’re a premium seller of CBD tabs UK based, so with us, you’re guaranteed to receive a high-quality product.


Are CBD gels and/or tablets safe?

CBD Gels and Tablets are completely safe for use. They do not contain detectable traces of the THC compound that’s illegal in the UK, and so will not get you high.

Can I take CBD tablets daily?

CBD tablets can be taken daily. In fact, by taking them daily you may be more likely to access their long term benefits.

When should I use CBD gel?

For best performance, you should apply a thin layer of CBD gel to the skin before bed so it can soak in overnight.

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All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.