CBD Bath Products, Bombs & Soaks

CBD Bath Products, Bombs & Soaks

At Zeal CBD, we stock a wide variety of CBD Bath Products to help you get your daily dose of CBD in any form. Read our guide so that you can learn more about our CBD Bath Bombs, Teas, Soaks, and more.

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You can use CBD at almost any point in your day. Some people choose to consume CBD edibles such as CBD gummies made with this substance. Similarly, some enjoy CBD tea or even smoothies with CBD – this flexibility makes it so popular. It is even possible to enjoy it alongside a relaxing bath, and we don’t just mean by smoking while in the tub.

CBD Bath Products provide an opportunity for anyone who has had a long day to rejuvenate themselves like never before. Whether it is a bath bomb or any other product, adding CBD to your bath is the best of both worlds.

What are CBD bath products?

Just in case you are not already well-versed in CBD, we shall begin with an explanation of the substance and its status in the UK. CBD is also known as cannabidiol, which is a core component of cannabis – however, it is not the psychoactive part that provides a high. This is THC, which is far more tightly regulated across the country.

CBD is completely legal, provided it only has trace amounts of THC (0.2% content or less) and has been made using the correct hemp. The World Health Organisation has officially concluded that CBD is not addictive and that it is entirely safe. That being said, you should consult your GP if you are on medication of any kind (or if you are pregnant) before you consider CBD.

Though it may not provide a high, numerous scientific publications have confirmed CBD’s many benefits. For example, American addiction studies found that CBD can help with cravings to a notable degree, and this could be a vital help for those struggling. Similarly, CBD can lessen symptoms of social anxiety and even reduce pain, on top of being a good source of general stress relief for the user. In some forms, it is even a core component of epilepsy medication.

The Benefits of a CBD Bath

On the topic of stress relief, baths have remained a popular option for many millions of people across the country, even if most tend to favour showers. There is simply nothing that can compare to a well-prepared bath that its user has treated to provide the ultimate relaxation – in fact, studies have found that baths can provide a whole host of benefits that showers cannot.

A warm bath can help your brain, heart, nervous system, and even lungs work in optimal condition. Alongside this, your joints and muscles naturally relax and loosen in the healthiest ways – and the effects only grow if you are using the right bath products. You can get the best relaxation by using CBD Bath Products, as these have been produced specifically to take advantage of the medicinal effects of CBD.

By doing this, you can reap the benefits of the bath, the products, and the CBD. This will combine to provide a threefold relaxation which no shower could even begin to match.

Types of CBD Bath Additives

At Zeal CBD, we have CBD Bath Bombs for sale alongside other best-selling bath products, including CBD Bath Soaks and CBD Bath Teas. Each is able to confer the proven therapeutic properties of CBD to the user – and there is never any harm in using them all. For the best CBD Bath, you need to know how these products work.

CBD Bath Bomb

The Bath Bomb is perhaps the most archetypal bath product. They typically take the form of a sphere or block and are ‘activated’ by dropping them into your bath. This causes a chemical reaction, dissolving the bath bomb and adding its contents to the bath – these are usually natural ingredients designed to detox the body and aid its relaxation. They also add their colour to the bath, providing a beautiful display.

Bath bombs do not just look pretty, there are plenty of health reasons to use them, and the same is true for their CBD equivalents. Alongside the previously mentioned effects, CBD can moisturise the skin and fight off bacteria, fungus, and the formation of pimples. On top of the expected relaxation, your CBD Bath Bomb will help you stay clean like never before.

CBD Bath Soak

A bath soak typically refers to bath salts, which are mineral agents added to the bath to improve the quality of the experience. People also use bath salts to help with exfoliation and moisturising or even to get magnesium into their bodies to promote better sleep.

CBD Bath Soaks include all of the expected core chemicals with the added bonus of CBD, relaxing the muscles and reducing any inflammation while helping the body stay at rest. You can absorb the dissolving CBD through your pores or inhale the resulting steam for the best effects.

CBD Bath Tea

Bath teas are a relatively recent addition to the world of premium bathing and typically use herbal remedies in the form of tea sachets. You can add these sachets to your bath, and they will convey their benefits to you. The mixtures within these teas have been specifically compiled to offer many of the same health effects as bath bombs or soaks – they can soothe the skin, repair sun damage, and even treat acne.

CBD Bath Teas can promote these herbal remedies by adding yet another natural product – the CBD itself. At Zeal CBD, we sell all of the above bath products and more to make sure you can get your daily amount of CBD while simply having a nice, relaxing bath. Our products go great together – combining to make taking care of yourself feel as good as it should.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can CBD be absorbed through the skin?

CBD is able to enter the bloodstream through the skin, and this is the central mechanism for most of our CBD bath products and their effects. This and inhalation are among the fastest ways to get the benefits of CBD.

Will CBD Bath Products cause stains?

Our bath additives will never stain your tub – no quality bath product would do this. You can easily wipe away anything that remains after you drain the bath, leaving no permanent marks.

How much CBD is too much?

If you are new to CBD, you should probably start with between 10 and 20 milligrams per day. 70mg seems to be a relatively common middle ground for regular users. It must be pointed out that you cannot overdose on or have too much CBD, but it is all about finding the amount that produces the right effect for you. There are minor side effects to note, which may become more likely the more you use (such as drowsiness), but people tend to stick with their preferred moderate dose.

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