CBD Shatter

CBD Shatter

CBD Shatter and CBD concentrate shatter is a special kind of CBD extract, and is one of the cleanest concentrates on the market. Read our extensive guide to find out more about CBD and the best CBD Shatter products.

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CBD products come in so many different forms; you can use the substance in food, drink, toiletries and much more. At Zeal CBD, we endeavour to stock as many variations of CBD as possible so that we can give all of our customers the flexibility they need to enjoy their CBD.

One lesser-known variation is CBD shatter, a CBD Concentrate acclaimed for its high purity – this lets it have all of the benefits of CBD, with added strength. To help you discover more about this incredible product, we at Zeal CBD have put together an exclusive guide to CBD concentrates shatter with all of the information you need to both buy and enjoy it. Buy CBD shatter UK online today.


What is CBD Shatter?

It is important to begin with a brief explanation of CBD, and we must also debunk a few common myths in the process. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a prominent but non-psychoactive element in cannabis – this means that the substance cannot cause a high in the user, because it legally cannot contain any more than trace amounts of THC.

It is completely legal to buy CBD Shatter in the UK, as it is with any CBD product with a THC content below the limit of 0.2% – Shatter in particular is premised upon the ability to have a quality product without any THC at all. CBD is not addictive – the World Health Organisation has confirmed this – and it is completely safe to consume, to the point where some epilepsy medications use cannabidiol.

Though CBD is non-psychoactive, it does have proven benefits for the mind and body. As an anti-inflammatory, it can reduce pain (and, of course, inflammation) by stimulating the endocannabinoid system. Similarly, it has been found to notably reduce addiction cravings and the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

That being said, if you are currently taking another medication, you must always check with your GP before you start using CBD. On top of this, it is not recommended to use it while pregnant.

CBD Shatter is a concentrate, meaning it is a purified product wholly comprised of CBD. The creators of this particular product named it for the distinctive brittle texture that emerges during the rigorous filtration process. There are plenty of CBD concentrates other than Shatter, including a special CBD Wax (which we also stock at Zeal CBD).

In terms of potency, there is not much difference between the different types of CBD Concentrate – Shatter and Wax go through similar extraction processes, but the former becomes the latter if it is disturbed amid the setting process. However, this may mean it is slightly purer than wax, potentially making Shatter the best CBD Concentrate.

CBD Concentrates or Shatter have a quicker absorption time than full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD products, which is used to deliver a dense dose. If you need to take drug tests regularly for work or any other reason, sticking to a product that exclusively uses CBD means there is no chance of a false positive – which can emerge if your CBD contains slight (but legal) amounts of THC.

How do I use CBD Shatter?

Before you buy your CBD Shatter, you must know exactly what to do with it to get the benefits you need. Some people wish to incorporate it into their food, and the wide spectrum of CBD Food shows it can be done to some extent. However, CBD Shatter gets less effective as you turn up the heat – cooking using CBD Concentrate or Shatter is best done with another form such as powder or crystals.

By far the most common (and effective) way to enjoy the best CBD Shatter is to dab it. If you are not aware, this is when you apply the CBD to a hot surface and inhaling the resulting vapours, similar to vaping. This can be done in several ways and has the added benefit of giving you a better draw of the substance and giving the CBD rapid access to your brain.

To dab your CBD, it is recommended that you have a ‘dab rig’ on hand, as this provides an effective and safe way of heating your Shatter and enjoying it as much as you can. At this high potency, you’ll only need to dab small amounts at a time to feel it.

If your preference is always to smoke your CBD, then you can do this if you have a pen equipped for concentrates. Despite its solid and brittle form, Shatter is remarkably flexible – there is no shortage of ways to enjoy it. Buy CBD shatter UK online here.

Should I buy CBD Shatter in the UK?

CBD Shatter might not be the most obvious form of cannabidiol, but it is perhaps among the most effective. You will miss out on the entourage effect said to be provided by broad-spectrum and full-spectrum forms of CBD, but the purity of the CBD itself should more than compensate for this.

There are plenty of physical and online storefronts that stock CBD Shatter and Zeal CBD proudly stands among them. At Zeal CBD, we stock a wide array of CBD products. If you are looking to buy CBD Shatter in the UK, we are more than capable of meeting your needs at every turn. If you would like to pair your Shatter with a CBD cookie or a special CBD tea, we can also accommodate this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can CBD Shatter have flavour?

As part of the filtration process, CBD concentrates such as Shatter typically have their terpenes removed. This is the aromatic compound of the original cannabis plant. Terpenes from this plant (and others) can then be added back to the Shatter to provide flavouring – common options include thyme, lemon, pepper, and other plant scents.

What is the recommended dosage of CBD?

If you are just starting to use CBD, it is often recommended to begin with only 10-20 milligrams. This usually goes up to around 70 milligrams a day for the average user. There are no major concerns if you go above this amount, as CBD side effects are few and far between – there is a small chance of drowsiness and diarrhoea, however.

How quickly does CBD work?

This varies based on the purity of the product and the ingestion method – but inhaling CBD Shatter allows it to reach your brain via the lungs in just a few minutes. This lets it provide you with all of the medicinal benefits at a rapid speed – other forms of ingestion can result in the substance passing through the liver, which massively reduces the effectiveness.

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