CBD For Seizures

CBD has been medically proven to assist with epilepsy. For more information on how it can be used to help stop seizures, read our extensive guide.

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CBD is an ever-growing market, with new uses and benefits discovered at a rapid rate. One of these benefits is assisting with seizures, electrical discharges in the brain that commonly result in spasms and violent shaking. If you suffer from seizures, then CBD Oil can help to reduce the relevant symptoms. It has even been provided on prescription by the UK’s National Health Service since January of 2020.

Medical professionals are finally recognising the power of CBD, which is why you must know all about how CBD helps seizures. CBD is good for both epileptic and myoclonic seizures, so there is no harm in adding some to your diet, and you might even want to speak to your GP about having it alongside your medication. You need to know the best CBD strains for seizures on the market, and we are only too happy to help with that.

What is CBD for seizures and is it legal?

If you are not already aware, CBD is also known as cannabidiol. This is a core component of the cannabis plant but does not provide a high. This is because the psychoactive component of the plant is THC, which can only be present within CBD at trace amounts.

Assuming the THC content is below 0.2% and the substance used a certain type of approved hemp, then the resulting CBD is completely legal – as are the many benefits you can reap from frequent use.

How CBD helps seizures

CBD has a whole host of benefits and can assist with managing plenty of different conditions. It helps to reduce addiction cravings, suppresses the symptoms of social anxiety, and acts as an anti-inflammatory of sorts. Studies have also linked CBD to lower levels of cancer and works on the body’s endocannabinoid system to assist with pain. As mentioned above, the NHS epilepsy medication Epidyolex even includes this substance.

Using CBD oil for seizures is becoming more commonplace by the day – if you are wanting to reduce symptoms of epilepsy, then you must have the best CBD strains for seizures. Epidyolex typically uses CBD at high levels of purity – at Zeal CBD, we make sure that every one of our products is up to scratch in that regard. For a strong solution, we recommend a CBD isolate such as Shatter or Powder, where high purity is even more vital to having a good experience.

The endocannabinoid system in your body regulates your immune system, as well as other functions such as pain, sleep, and even appetite. Investigations suggest that CBD mainly interacts with this system – which would also explain why frequent users sometimes report drowsiness or changes in appetite. For seizures specifically, it has been theorised to help neuron excitability among certain receptors – this means you can use CBD to help epileptic, myoclonic, and other forms of seizures.

There is still more research to be done, but the results thus far do not lie – studies from the rigorous testing of Epidyolex have seemingly confirmed the indisputable benefits of CBD Oil and CBD for seizures in adults.

The Best CBD Dosage for Seizures

Using Epidyolex as a baseline, people on this form of medication typically start on just 5mg a day, spread out across two doses. This increases to two doses of 5mg after about a week of use. Depending on how the body responds to the CBD, you may even be able to increase it to 20mg a day, with two 10mg doses. It is ultimately about finding the right CBD dosage for your seizures, and the fact that CBD is entirely non-addictive is a bonus.

Technically speaking, there is no way to overdose on CBD – the World Health Organisation has corroborated this. You can take very high doses if you desire, but we do not recommend this because you will run into diminishing returns unless you focus on the level your body works best with. Some reported side effects might be more likely in higher doses; this includes some level of fatigue, appetite changes, and even diarrhoea. These are usually stopped simply by reducing the amount you take.

Finding the right CBD oil dosage for seizures is a balancing act. However, it is undeniably worth figuring out if you need the assistance of CBD to help with seizures.

Buy the Best CBD Strains for Seizures

At Zeal CBD, our online storefront specialises in all kinds of CBD, and seizures are just one of many symptoms and conditions that the substance can help with. As mentioned above, the high purity of CBD isolates can do the job of reducing your troubles. If you are already on some form of medication, especially for epilepsy, you must contact your GP before starting CBD – the substance can sometimes interact poorly with other drugs.

Feel free to browse our marketplace to see our entire catalogue of CBD products. We stock a wide variety of CBD products, including CBD paste, CBD wax, CBD edibles, CBD drinks, CBD shampoo, and so much more. We always do our best to keep up with the latest and greatest trends of CBD, because we believe that you should be able to use it in whatever form is most convenient for you. Whether you would like to include it with your meals or soak it in during your bath, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy your CBD.

FAQs about CBD and Seizures

Can CBD help children with epilepsy?

Currently, medical professionals can prescribe CBD medication for children over the age of two. You must be 18 or over to buy CBD in the UK, but those under that age can consume the substance in its many forms. We recommend you modulate the dosage accordingly whether it is for you or a young family member. On top of this, be sure to double-check with your GP just in case.

How long does CBD take to have an effect?

This varies based upon how you ingest it – if you are to inhale it, you could see results in minutes. Inhalation is commonly seen as a way to get the full benefits of CBD, as it becomes less effective when passing through the liver; this means other forms of ingestion may have less impact.

Does CBD eliminate seizures entirely?

The studies conducted thus far indicate that there is a significant reduction in seizure occurrence across the board, but this does not indicate that CBD can cure epilepsy or seizures. That being said, the drop in frequency could make a world of difference to those suffering from seizures.

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