CBD Patches

CBD Patches

The advancement in formulation technology over the years has led to a number of CBD products, and CBD patches are becoming an increasingly popular option. We have a wide selection for you to shop today.

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CBD products are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. This comes after the legalisation of CBD – a natural compound of the hemp plant – given that it doesn’t contain psychoactive properties that the cannabis plant is otherwise known for.

CBD products now saturate the marketplace and, with several items to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. From CBD oils to infused drinks, the options are endless. However, CBD patches are becoming an increasingly popular option – owing to their unique method of administration and discreet properties.

Organic CBD patches are highly effective, and users are sure to feel the effects of CBD much faster than when using other products.

It’s important you make the right decision when it comes to choosing CBD products according to your needs and reason for using them. That’s why Zeal CBD has created the ultimate guide to CBD patches so you can make an informed decision.

Read more on what CBD patches are, the different types, and the benefits of CBD patches below.

What are CBD patches and how do they work?

A typical CBD oil patch lasts around 24 hours, which means you don’t have to keep renewing your dosage throughout the day. These are new products on the UK market, yet the methodology behind the product has been around for centuries.

Otherwise known as cannabidiol patches, CBD patches use transdermal delivery to deliver a dose of CBD to the body. They contain CBD molecules within the adhesive of the patch that also diffuses them. Once a CBD patch is activated by body heat, it begins to release these molecules and other contained ingredients.

CBD patches work as permeation enhancers that detect low levels of CBD on the skin and, in response, release a high concentration of CBD onto the skin which is then released into the body. This means that the concentration gradient remains balanced. Once the body processes the CBD compounds, you can begin to feel the benefits of the patch.

For CBD patches to be most effective, place them on a venous part of your body – such as the inside of your wrist or ankle or on the outside of your upper arm. This leads to a higher absorption rate and boosts the efficacy of the product.

For CBD patches in the UK, shop our range today.

What are the different types of CBD patches in the UK?

There are two different types of CBD patches available in the UK, and the variation lies in the way they dispense CBD into the body.

For example, matrix patches release the amount of substance contained within the patch over time. The amount of CBD oil that is dispensed is dependent on the concentration and size of the CBD oil patch.

By contrast, the reservoir patch has a reservoir within the patch and controls the amount of CBD that is dispatched through a release membrane. This means that the substance is released progressively, which prolongs the usage of the patch and helps regulate dosage.

Today, CBD patches more prominently adopt the reservoir patch model. Get your reservoir CBD patches for sale in the UK today at Zeal CBD.

What are the benefits of organic CBD patches?

CBD products are becoming increasingly recommended by health professionals due to the number of benefits they propose. However, CBD patches propose their own set of benefits which makes them a more viable choice. Some advantages include:


CBD patches allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD at your own discretion. The bodily application means that you avoid having to administer it throughout the day, as is the case with CBD oils, and allows you to overcome the negative connotations that come with vaping. The patch can be stuck anywhere on your body so that you can cover it appropriately. Since it doesn’t cause irritation or lose stickiness throughout the day, no one – including you – will realise it’s there!

High bio-availability

Bio-availability refers to the amount of CBD that actually enters the body in a given product. Products such as tablets or oils have low bio-availability because many chemicals are obstructed from entering the bloodstream. Organs, such as the lungs or stomach, filter the external compounds and chemicals – rendering them ineffective. However, CBD patches have high bio-availability because the substance bypasses the organs and enters your system directly via the bloodstream. This allows you to feel the effects of CBD oil more quickly.

Pain management

CBD patches and their transdermal properties are proven to reduce pain-related symptoms in humans – including chronic and acute pain. They are particularly known for helping with pain associated with:

• Spinal injuries
• Fibromyalgia
• Cancer
• MS
• Anxiety

What’s more, many studies have found that CBD patches are useful for those who suffer from arthritis. By directly applying the CBD oil patch to a place affected by arthritis – such as the hip or shoulder – you can begin to feel the effects imminently.

Good dose regulation

Many first-time users of CBD are unsure as to how to properly dose or regulate their usage of the substance. CBD patches allow you to overcome this problem as they regulate the dosage that enters your body throughout the day. This is particularly the case with reservoir patches that use release membranes. Patches contain negligible amounts of THC – the ingredient that promotes psycho-active effects – which means that users won’t have to battle with negative symptoms at any point.

Buy CBD patches in the UK today

As you can see, there are several benefits associated with CBD patches. The wide acceptance of CBD in the UK and the USA means that these products now saturate the market and are readily accessible. However, it’s important that you choose a trusted CBD provider when buying products to ensure that products are safe and of the highest quality. Zeal CBD has a wide range of CBD patches for sale in the UK – all of which are top quality and much-loved by our customers. We are industry professionals who use our specialist CBD knowledge to craft the best CBD products. Shop our range above.


Are CBD patches safe?

Yes, CBD patches are both safe and legal in the UK. Since the substance is administered progressively throughout the day, it allows individuals to overcome the negative effects – such as headaches or light-headedness – associated with CBD oils or drinks. Some individuals note experiencing a dry mouth after taking CBD patches, yet this is common and poses no additional problems.

Are CBD patches addictive?

No, CBD patches aren’t addictive. CBD itself doesn’t produce intoxicating effects which means that CBD products are free from any addiction-related side effects.

How long does it take to feel the effects of CBD patches?

Although the effects aren’t as instant as when smoking CBD products, it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes to witness the effects of CBD patches on the body. These effects also last longer than those offered by other products given that doses are regulated throughout the day.

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