CBD Brownies

CBD Brownies

Brownies made with CBD oil are delicious as a dessert or occasional treat, and you’ll also feel the full benefits of cannabidiol when you eat them. Why not enjoy a tasty CBD brownie from our range today?

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CBD is a chemical compound which is extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD consumables in the UK are legal provided they do not contain detectable amounts of THC (the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant). Many of them, including brownies made with CBD oil, are used for relaxation and pain relief.

Consumable CBD products are becoming increasingly popular around the world. You may have noticed things like CBD oils in health food shops, supermarkets, or online marketplaces. However, some people want more palatable ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD, and brownies made using CBD oil are a great way to ingest cannabidiol while also enjoying a tasty, ready-to-go snack.

At Zeal CBD, we want our customers to understand how CBD works, what it can be used for and what CBD brownies’ effects are. To aid you on your CBD journey, we’ve decided to put together this comprehensive guide to brownies made with CBD oil and what you can expect when you eat them.

Does CBD actually work?

Some people get CBD confused with the recreational use of cannabis/marijuana when the effects of each are incredibly different from one another. CBD will not get you high, or cause any form of intoxication. While it is not a psychoactive substance, it has been proven to have positive effects on the body and the mind and is widely used as both a painkiller and a treatment for mild anxiety.

Many CBD users like to consume brownies made using CBD oil to relax. Some people use it as a substitute for alcohol or other drugs, and it can in fact be a useful tool for those embarking on a path to sobriety, as studies have shown that CBD helps addicts to deal more successfully with managing their substance abuse issues.

The effects of CBD brownies can vary from person to person. Each of us is unique, and while some people might feel the benefits of CBD after ingesting a small dose, others may need up to 300mg of CBD before they feel the effects. It is generally accepted that to benefit from CBD use, you should take it every day for at least three weeks.

If you are currently taking medication, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to trying CBD. While the risks are incredibly small, there is a slight chance that CBD could interact with certain medications and it can be helpful to discuss this with your doctor beforehand.

CBD brownies UK: are they good for you?

Like all sweets, desserts and snacks containing sugar, CBD brownies should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. CBD has lots of benefits, and consuming brownies made with CBD oil can be good for you – especially if you follow recommended dietary guidelines and live an active, healthy life.

If you don’t want to consume too many brownies, the good news is that you can still get your daily dose of cannabidiol via other products like CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD drinks, CBD honey sticks and more. Simply browse our site to discover a varied range of CBD products designed to suit all requirements.

CBD brownies UK: what are the benefits?

CBD is widely used and accepted in society and is regularly recommended on television, print media and online by health experts as a treatment for both physical ailments and mental health issues. Some of the benefits you may notice after eating brownies made with CBD oil include the following:

A better night’s sleep

If you suffer from a sleep disorder such as insomnia, CBD brownies could be the solution to your problems. Several studies have demonstrated that cannabidiol promotes sleep and helps people to enjoy better quality, more restful sleep. Why not buy some of our CBD brownies and try eating one an hour or two before you retire to bed for the evening?

Reduced levels of anxiety

Studies have shown that CBD is useful for the management of mild to moderate anxiety. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system within the brain. This system is known to play a role in the regulation of things like mood, and CBD has a positive impact on it.

Analgesic qualities

CBD is a powerful all-natural anti-inflammatory and can be used to reduce pain associated with a variety of conditions, including arthritis and certain neurological conditions. Many people elect to manage chronic conditions with CBD instead of prescription drugs because it is completely natural, non-addictive and non-toxic.

A tasty snack

CBD brownies can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and make for a great-tasting snack or after-dinner treat. They can be enjoyed at home, while commuting or while at work. Some people are put off using CBD because they don’t like the taste or texture of CBD oils, and CBD brownies are a great way to ingest this beneficial compound while getting to enjoy a sweet and tasty treat. Why not try our range of brownies made using CBD oil and find out just how delicious CBD consumption can be?

A discreet way to enjoy CBD

While CBD is completely legal and incredibly popular as a natural remedy, there may be times when you don’t want to draw attention to the fact that you are taking a medicinal product. CBD brownies are a way to inconspicuously enjoy the benefits of CBD privately, without anybody else having to know. For all intents and purposes, it will look like you are simply enjoying a tasty treat – although if friends, family, and colleagues try them, you might be expected to share more often!

Buy CBD brownies online today

If you’re a regular CBD user or would like to try out CBD for the first time, brownies are the perfect way to consume it. They’re tasty, fun, and easy to order – and with rapid delivery, you’ll be able to enjoy your CBD brownies in no time.


Can I legally consume brownies made with CBD oil in the UK?

CBD products are perfectly legal to buy and consume in the UK, provided they do not contain detectable amounts of THC. All Zeal CBD products comply with current UK legislation.

Will CBD brownies show up on a drug test?

Most workplace drug tests are designed to detect by-products of THC, which is the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. Our cannabidiol brownies do not contain detectable amounts of THC and should not result in false positive drug tests.

What is a standard dose of CBD?

If you’re new to CBD, we recommend starting with a small dose. Up to 25mg a day is a good starting point, and you can adjust this dose over time as you learn more about how CBD affects you individually.

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All CBD products are a food supplement. None of our products are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.