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CBD food is becoming popular across the world. Read our extensive guide to the best CBD edibles online.

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One particularly novel way that people have brought CBD into the public eye is through food. From hummus to Thai food to brownies and cakes, chefs and bakers across the country have found ways to integrate CBD into edible forms. In 2018, Brighton opened the first CBD food restaurant in England, and additional cafés have since followed this trend – in the UK, CBD food supplements and other CBD products are here to stay.

To learn more about CBD and its use in food, we have put together a guide so that you can learn more and figure out the kind of CBD snack or dessert you are wanting to enjoy. Buy CBD edibles today!

The legality of buying CBD edibles online in the UK

Some people are still unaware of the legality of CBD in the United Kingdom. Any CBD product with no THC or with a THC content below 0.2% is perfectly legal to possess and use. It must also be made with the right kind of hemp as defined by the European Union.

CBD producers require a special Home Office licence, and any CBD seller must either be a medical distributor or specify its intent as a nutritional supplement. This is true whether you are selling it alone or baked into an edible of any kind.

What actually is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a chemical found in marijuana and hemp. However, this substance is without the archetypal psychoactive properties of cannabis due to the low (or zero) content of tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. While it may not result in a high, users and professionals have noted it has medicinal properties that reduce pain and promote relaxation – this has made it a popular addition to the food industry in recent years.

The benefits of CBD edible products

Assuming you consume the best CBD edibles, then you will be able to reap plenty of scientifically supported benefits. The effects of CBD are primarily therapeutic, and help their users to feel better if and when they need to.

In these times, you cannot underestimate the value of relaxation – and this is exactly what the best CBD edible product can provide. In addition, they can work as a safe alternative to other, harder drugs, letting people still get something of a buzz (albeit not a high) without compromising sobriety.

Though CBD food supplements are still relatively new, the substance is at least somewhat effective in treating several conditions, making it a valuable addition to your diet in any form. Here are just a few instances of CBD demonstrating a positive influence on a person’s condition.

CBD may calm social anxiety

The American journal, Neuropsychopharmacology conducted an experiment involving CBD and subjects with social anxiety. The results found a positive correlation between CBD use and a reduced level of nervousness during a remedial speaking task. For many people across the UK and the world, this could be a very significant lifeline.

CBD is proven to help addiction

A study by the Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai indicated that CBD products can reduce cravings among people suffering from heroin addiction. These cravings are a significant factor in relapsing for many – and this finding could help a lot of people.

CBD edibles may reduce the risk of cancer

CBD came to many people’s attention when a 2018 study suggested that CBD oil could prevent colon cancer. Following this, subsequent medical analysis has concluded that CBD users are less likely to develop bladder cancer. This was a watershed moment in the perception of CBD, and we can credit it with helping people see the potential medical benefits of the substance.

CBD edible products assist with pain

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and works on the endocannabinoid system to reduce inflammation – this is part of why it has a reputation for being an effective painkiller. Of course, the effects are stronger when paired with THC, but users have reported that CBD on its own is still worthwhile in this regard.

The types of CBD edible products

The term ‘edible’ can conjure up images exclusive of hash brownies, but the flexibility of CBD has allowed for a much wider spectrum of the best CBD edibles to develop. Now, you can consume CBD through sweets, pesto, granola bars, and more. As people get more creative, they will develop more CBD foods – but you must stick to the best CBD edibles and food supplements. Buy CBD edibles with Zeal CBD now.

Buy the best CBD edibles online

Our range includes CBD jelly beans, CBD gummies UK, CBD honey sticks, CBD brownies, CBD lollipops, cookies and more – and we pride ourselves on providing the best in the business. We craft our products to a high standard, with a strong focus on quality at every turn. If you would like to combine it with a CBD energy drink, we also offer plenty of liquid-based CBD options.

Variety is the spice of life, and that is no less true when it comes to buying CBD food supplements in the UK; it is through this variety that we can satisfy our customers across the country, no matter their tastes and palates. At Zeal CBD, we are committed to experimenting with the finest and newest CBD food supplements and hope to expand our repertoire even further in the coming years.

Of course, you can feel the benefits of CBD no matter the food you choose to pair it with, but it’s still helpful to make sure that you choose something you would like. Brownies are a timelessly popular option due to their pre-existing association with the substance, but you are welcome to experiment and sample the wide range of varieties at your leisure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD foods safe?

CBD food is safe for consumption and contains none of the psychoactive properties of cannabis. This means there is no high involved, but you can still feel the calming effects detailed above. It must be mentioned that CBD medication has been linked with drowsiness, but generally, there are no adverse effects.

What is the right dosage for CBD food?

All of Zeal CBD’s online CBD edibles advertise their dosage and stay within recommended limits. This varies depending on the food, but it is good to start with low levels of about 15mg. Regular users can go up to 70mg a day – CBD can be tolerated in much higher doses with few side effects, but keeping it low helps you taste the food better.

Can I add CBD oil to any food?

The reason CBD food tends to centre around desserts and snacks is that the oil easily evaporates at high temperatures – simply adding it to your pan or oven tray will not be enough to craft a CBD-infused meal.

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