CBD Protein Shakes

CBD Protein Shakes

Like many other CBD products, CBD protein shakes UK are growing in popularity around the UK. Find out about what CBD protein vitamin shakes are, what the benefits of CBD protein shakes are, and more.

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What are CBD protein shakes?

CBD protein shakes are protein shakes that have been infused with CBD in order to provide users with a range of additional benefits. A CBD protein shake in the UK most commonly comes in the form of a powder that can then be mixed with a liquid such as milk to become drinkable. However, you can also readily find CBD protein shakes in a pre-mixed format to drink on the go.

As a form of CBD which is taken orally similar to CBD soft drinks and CBD tea UK, you can expect to begin experiencing the effects of CBD protein vitamin shakes in around 30 minutes. The amount of CBD found in CBD protein shakes varies between brands so, if you’re looking to buy CBD protein vitamin shakes that suit your individual requirements, be sure to check the ingredients and shop around on the high street and online.

Like other exercise supplements and CBD products, you should always check the instructions of use before drinking a CBD protein shake. This is especially the case if you need to mix up your protein shake prior to taking it, due to it being in the form of a CBD protein powder.

The side effects of taking CBD protein shakes are uncommon. However, there have been some reported side effects, with the most common being a dry mouth. To avoid this, be sure to hydrate yourself regularly by drinking plenty of water. CBD protein shakes are also not recommended for use if you are pregnant. You should also talk to your GP prior to drinking CBD protein shakes if you are on medication that you are concerned may be affected or altered through use.

Benefits of CBD protein shakes

There are many benefits that come with opting to use CBD protein drinks, be it as part of your everyday life, or within your bodybuilding routine. The most common benefits of CBD protein vitamin shakes include:

Reduced inflammation

One of the predominant advantages of having a protein shake with CBD in it is that the CBD chemical reduces the level of inflammation suffered by your muscles following a workout. This speeds up your recovery time and allows you to go about your day with lowered levels of ache and soreness.

Reduced fatigue

Another benefit of CBD protein shakes is that they work to reduce the amount of fatigue felt after a strenuous workout or playing sports. This allows you to remain more active and alert across the remainder of your day, meaning you can be as equally productive out of the gym as you were whilst in.

Improved performance

Alongside the reductions in fatigue and inflammation, drinking a CBD protein shake also delivers the advantage of improved intensity levels of performance and focus, whether that be throughout your workout or during a competition. You can also enjoy a more prolonged performance for longer.

Improved nutritional intake

The final main benefit of taking CBD protein shakes is the way in which they improve the amount of nutrition you get compared to normal protein shakes. The CBD chemical is combined with a number of other beneficial ingredients, including minerals, fibre, and other supplements such as Omegas 3 and 6.

Where can you buy CBD protein vitamin shakes in the UK?

Like various other CBD products, CBD protein shakes are becoming more and more readily available on the UK high street, as well as online. In particular, you can buy CBD protein vitamin shakes from many high street supplement retailers, in addition to many online specialist eCommerce sites. As always, ensure to research the brand before purchasing a CBD protein shake product in order to ensure you are buying a safe and regulated product.

Zeal CBD is a reputable and reliable provider of CBD products, meaning you can buy CBD protein vitamin shakes on our site with complete confidence and assurance.

Are CBD protein shakes in the UK legal for consumption?

In the UK, CBD protein shakes, like all other CBD products, are produced in accordance with a variety of stringent regulations. Due to this, CBD protein shakes are limited to the concentration of THC that they can contain; this limit is 0.2%. The advantage of this is that this percentage of THC is too low to be detected as positive on a drug test, meaning you can use CBD protein shakes UK without worry.

CBD protein shake FAQs

Do you get 'high' from drinking a CBD protein shake?

No – you do not experience a ‘high’ after consuming a CBD protein shake. The reason for this is that CBD as an ingredient does not cause this reaction and THC, which is the active ingredient that does cause the ‘high’, is either not present in CBD protein shakes or present in virtually undetectable levels.

Should you drink a CBD protein shake before or after a workout?

This is entirely down to personal preference; the effects of drinking a CBD protein shake are the same whether you drink it before or after a workout. However, most people drink a CBD shake after their workout in order to aid and speed up recovery.

Can you taste the CBD in a CBD protein shake?

This depends on the type and brand of CBD protein shake! Many CBD protein shakes boast the distinct and pleasant taste of CBD, whilst others may be flavoured to hide the taste for those that would prefer something else. You can buy CBD protein vitamin shakes to suit every preference!

Buy CBD protein vitamin shakes online at Zeal CBD today, or browse our range of other CBD products to find something that suits your needs.

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