CBD Soft Drinks

CBD Soft Drinks

You don’t need to rely on CBD vape pens, CBD oils, or CBD capsules to enjoy the benefits of CBD. At Zeal CBD, we stock a range of CBD soft drinks that are ideal for easy CBD consumption on the go. From fizzy drinks to juices and everything in between, you will find the flavour and CBD concentration to suit in our collection. Browse our range of CBD soft drinks today.

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There are a whole host of ways you can enjoy CBD oil; you can take it directly, enjoy it through CBD gummies, or even apply it to your skin using CBD body lotion. However, one of the easiest and tastiest ways has to be through enjoying a CBD oil soft drink. That’s why we’ve got a great selection of these drinks on offer. They are produced just like regular soft drinks, including by some of the biggest soft drinks manufacturers in the world. They simply include the addition of a small amount of CBD oil. The exact dosing varies between drinks, but the amount is gauged to be enough for you to enjoy the benefits of CBD, without having any impact on the flavour of the drink.

In the UK, CBD soft drinks have become increasingly popular – particularly in the last year. In our range, you’ll find everything from health drinks and juices right through to CBD energy drinks, as all kinds of brands are now branching out to include an extract of CBD as an intrinsic part of their products. But what are the benefits, and why have sales of CBD canned soft drinks taken off quite so dramatically in the last few years?

What is a CBD oil soft drink?

What started out as a small, edgy market has quickly boomed into big business, and a number of major drinks manufacturers now promote CBD-infused soft drinks as part of their product ranges. Whether it’s fizzy colas, energy drinks and CBD protein shakes, or health and wellness-oriented drinks packed with fruit and veg extracts, CBD has been included in all kinds of soft drinks in the UK. These drinks have become extremely popular thanks to the stress and anxiety-reducing properties of CBD.

One common misconception is that CBD drinks contain pure cannabis. That is not the case. The CBD oil that is extracted from cannabis plants is just one part of the plant. There is another compound that is found in the leaves of cannabis plants called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the part of the cannabis plant that is psychoactive and therefore causes the mind-altering state of ‘getting high’ when cannabis is smoked or ingested. CBD oil soft drinks do not contain THC.

To meet legal requirements, both in the US and the UK, CBD soft drinks cannot contain detectable amounts of THC. This means that all of the properties of these drinks have come from the CBD element alone. Once you’ve enjoyed a CBD canned soft drink, your body will start to absorb the CBD as part of your natural digestion. It can then take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours for your body to start to feel the effects of the CBD.

What are the benefits of CBD canned soft drinks?

Research into all of the health benefits associated with CBD is still going on. Expert research has already shown that the compound has impressive anti-inflammatory properties which are associated with pain relief. There is some indication that treatment with CBD can help people who are suffering from long term chronic pain conditions, as well as inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis. The small amount contained in CBD soft drinks may also have a positive impact on pain and soreness.

However, the main benefit that CBD has been shown to have is its ability to promote relaxation. It can help you to feel calmer and may be beneficial to anyone suffering from stress. This gentle relaxation is provided by the CBD compound, but unlike other products that might make you feel relaxed, there is no level of intoxication and no mind-altering chemicals to change how you think and function. Because there are no psychoactive compounds contained in these drinks, this relaxation is not equivalent to getting ‘high’. It is a safer, legal way to enjoy the relaxing properties that cannabis extract can promote.

What do CBD oil soft drinks do?

Even low doses of CBD oil have been reported to show improvements in anxiety. If you choose a CBD fizzy drink that is high in sugar, you can benefit from the effects of this too. Just like drinking CBD infused coffee or CBD tea, having a sugary drink with CBD oil in it can help you feel calm but alert.

There is also evidence to suggest that you can expect better quality sleep when you consume CBD in your food or drink. The relaxing properties can quell anxiety and make it easier to drift off. Some very limited studies have also highlighted the potential benefits that CBD offers people who suffer from nightmares, as it may calm their sleep and help to make these symptoms less severe.

Whether or not you suffer from anxiety or stress, the relaxing effects of CBD canned soft drinks are widely acknowledged. The compound was declared to be safe and well-tolerated, by the World Health Organisation (WHO). In addition to this, in 2020 the European Court of Justice issued a judgement that CBD should not be considered a drug and could be qualified as food. This was thanks to the evidence that CBD had no potential for abuse, and no potential to cause dependence/addiction. That is why CBD products have become wildly popular in Europe since this time, and why CBD canned soft drinks are one of the top ways to enjoy this interesting and useful extract.


Does the oil in CBD oil soft drinks make them taste strange?

Although oil may not sound appetising in a drink, it’s actually the case that only a very small amount of CBD oil is needed to give CBD canned soft drinks their distinctive properties. This small amount of oil doesn’t change the taste or texture of the drink, and it won’t taste greasy.

Does CBD interfere with other health benefits that the drinks might have?

Some canned soft drinks like kombucha contain live bacterial cultures thought to help gut health. CBD doesn’t impact this, and it doesn’t interfere with any other health benefits that come from canned juices or sparkling drinks, like their vitamins or minerals.

How much CBD should I take in a day?

CBD is safe to enjoy in food and drink. If you are new to CBD soft drinks, it is a good idea to moderate your intake and learn exactly how much CBD it takes for you to feel the effects. If you choose a soft drink that is also high in sugar, bear in mind that these are also best enjoyed in moderation.

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