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CBD drinks continue to grow in popularity across the UK and the US. Learn more about what to expect when you buy CBD drinks in our extensive guide.

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CBD oil drinks in the UK are legal, as they are in the US, so long as they don’t contain detectable amounts of THC. Although depending on the state in the US, THC detection might not be a concern. Regardless, the legalisation of CBD means that we can all enjoy it as much as we want, but how much we use it and the way we take it can severely impact our enjoyment of it.

If you’ve considered using CBD drinks before, you’ve likely heard of CBD oils as they are more commonplace and widely available in online marketplaces and health food stores. But a rising star in the CBD circle is CBD-infused drinks. From carbonated CBD drinks to CBD-infused coffee, CBD soft drinks and CBD Tea, there’s an exciting arrange of feel-good drinks to choose from. But if you’re new to CBD, it’s good to know exactly what it is and the effect it can have on you. It also helps to know the types of CBD drinks available. To help you on your CBD journey, we at Zeal CBD are giving you a complete guide to CBD oil drinks in the UK so you can choose the best variant suited to your tastes and needs.

Do CBD oil drinks UK really do anything?

While some still confuse CBD with marijuana, the effects of both are very different, and it’s generally understood that CBD drinks don’t get you high. While it’s not psychoactive, it has been proven to have positive effects on the body, serving as natural pain relief and anxiety treatment.

The most common reason why people use CBD carbonated drinks and oils is to simply relax. They might use CBD alcohol-free drinks or hard drugs, especially if they are on the path to sobriety. CBD drinks can provide them with the effects of alcohol and other hard drugs but without becoming intoxicated and the awful hangover.

Like most stimulants, the effect they have on one person may vary from another. CBD use, however, is rarely dangerous, although you may experience some mild side effects like headaches because of it. If using CBD carbonated drinks for medical purposes, it’s critical to talk to your doctor first and ask them for guidance. This is because some individuals have been known to experience withdrawals as a result of large doses of CBD.

Benefits of CBD drinks

The use of CBD is widely accepted in society and is repeatedly recommended by health experts and professionals for short-term treatments for physical and mental health problems.

Some benefits you may experience after having a hot cup of CBD tea or a CBD infused carbonated drink during your lunch break include:

Reduction in anxiety levels

Studies show that CBD can decrease anxiety. It does so by interacting with reactors in the brain that control anxious behaviours and reduces anxiety levels. Because of this, consuming CBD products like CBD infused drinks are thought to be a good treatment for anxiety.

Better quality sleep

CBD is a common treatment for those suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders because small studies have found that it promotes sleep instead of disrupting it. If you are struggling with insomnia or simply want a good night’s sleep, why not try drinking CBD-infused tea before bed or carbonated CBD drinks with dinner to increase sleep duration.

Short term pain relief

A consistent pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks is considered to be chronic. Living with chronic pain can be difficult and strenuous on the body. If you have chronic pain or other long-term illnesses that cause regular discomfort, it’s important to consult a doctor. When you do, however, you may find that they suggest taking CBD as short-term pain relief.

CBD drinks are a great alcohol-free option

Most people drink alcohol to let loose and relax, but some people want to get that same feeling without drinking alcohol at all. CBD has proven to reduce anxiety levels, making it a great alternative to alcohol without the risk of intoxication.

A range of health benefits

As we’ve eluded too, the use of CBD can see several different long-term health benefits that are not limited to improved anxiety and short-term pain relief. For instance, some studies show that CBD fights against pro acne agents, stopping them from spreading. This scientific discovery could explain the increased popularity of CBD-infused skincare products. Extra bonus if they include botanicals like some CBD infused drinks.

CBD drinks and oils in the UK

A popular method of consuming CBD oils in the UK, and the US, is by dropping the oil into drinks like coffee, teas, or smoothies. However, the traditional way to use CBD oil is to place one or more drops underneath the tongue without swallowing. This method is more efficient as it’s easier for your body to consume CBD.

CBD drinks are beverages like tea, coffee, or carbonated drinks that are infused with CBD during production. They generally taste the same as regular drinks, only you get the added benefits of increased mood and lower anxiety levels.

If you’re in the UK and you’d rather drink CBD than use oils, CBD drinks are a great alternative. With lots of variations on offer, you’re spoilt for choice. Here are just some of the options available:

CBD carbonated drinks

CBD carbonated drinks are one of the most popular types of CBD drinks in the country and across the world and with good reason. They taste good and make you feel good. Carbonated CBD drinks are normally flavoured with fruit like lemon or berries with the refreshing fizz you get from standard carbonated drinks.

CBD botanical drinks

Derived from flowers, herbs, fruits, and nuts, botanicals are powerful plant extracts that are frequently used in cosmetic products and alcohol like vodka or gin. They’re also used to enhance CBD drinks. There are even more health benefits to drinking CBD botanical drinks as opposed to CBD carbonated drinks including increased inflammation and anti-agent ingredients to improve skin. Additionally, botanicals like orange and cardamon add more flavour and are particularly suited to those who prefer earthier notes in their drinks.

CBD alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic brands across the world are starting to incorporate CBD into their product lines. CBD-infused rum, vodka, and whiskey are just some examples of alcoholic drinks that are using CBD. While you can drink alcohol and CBD at the same time, be careful when mixing the two as they may amplify each other’s effects. You can also find CBD alcohol free drinks on the market if preferred.

CBD coffee and energy drinks

CBD coffee can be found in several different forms. From iced coffees to coffee granules and energy drinks, there’s ample choice. However, like alcohol, some experts question whether CBD and caffeine could be consumed together. While CBD reduces anxiety levels, caffeine can raise anxiety levels as it stimulates the body’s fight or flight response. Some believe that this could amplify the effects of each. But if taken responsibly, CBD and caffeine taken together can mellow you out, meaning that as the caffeine wakes you up, the CBD works to level your anxiety.

CBD teas

People often drink herbal teas to relax, soothe anxiety, and, depending on the tea, for long-term health benefits. For instance, ginger tea is a good natural remedy for digestive issues and can even help soothe sore throats. If CBD is considered an anti-inflammatory, then mixing that with teas like ginger can boost pain relief and work to reduce anxiety faster as a popular CBD alcohol free drink. There are a number of CBD botanical drinks and teas which remain a popular choice for many.

Can I taste the CBD in drinks?

For those adding CBD oil to their morning coffees, smoothies or protein shakes, they may experience an added earthy tone to their beverages. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll taste the CBD in CBD-infused drinks like CBD botanical drinks and beverages.

What other types of CBD products are there?

There’s a whole host of CBD-infused products on the market. Aside from CBD drinks and oils which we’ve mentioned here a lot, there’s also:

CBD gummies

• CBD cosmetics, including palettes and foundations

• CBD skincare products, including CBD Moisturiser, CBD body lotion, and eye cream

• CBD hand gel

Although cosmetic products can soothe your mood, they are mainly used to take advantage of CBD’s health benefits. Whereas consumable products like gummies, drinks, and oils, are generally used as anxiety treatments.

Buy CBD drinks

As you can see, there are so many benefits to consuming CBD-infused products like CBD drinks. Thanks to the wide use of CBD, they are easily available to soothe your mood at a given notice and you can do so at a reasonable cost. CBD drink price varies from low to high and with the amount of choice in the market you’re guaranteed to find a drink you like within your budget. When buying CBD drinks, ensure you choose a seller that delivers quality products. Zeal CBD is a trusted seller and expert in the field. We use our knowledge in CBD to craft high-quality CBD products. Whether you regularly use CBD or are CBD-curious, we have something for everyone. If you’re looking for a CBD drink buy from Zeal CBD today.


Are CBD drinks safe?

CBD drinks are safe and legal. Additionally, they do not get you intoxicated. You may, however, feel lightheaded or go into a hypnotic state after drinking. But generally, CBD is tolerated by most people.

How long does it take to feel the benefits of CBD drinks?

On average, it can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to feel the immediate effects of CBD. Other health benefits may take several weeks to achieve depending on the person.

How much CBD should I take a day?

If you’re new to CBD products like CBD drinks, we suggest starting out with smaller doses. 10 to 20mg a day is a good amount to start with as you start to learn how CBD affects you.

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