CBD For Cramps

CBD has many great uses, and one use of the product is to help treat muscle spasms and cramps that can occur as a result of exercise or menstruation. Whether you experience cramps due to a medical condition, from long days sitting at a desk or from strenuous exercise, CBD and leg cramps go hand in hand. CBD and cramp products can help you with mild to chronic pain, offering up a much gentler and a potentially very effective method of treating cramps.

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Benefits of using CBD leg cramps products

So, how do you know how to use CBD for cramps and what are the benefits of doing so? If you are someone that suffers from regular bouts of cramp, then you may find yourself reaching for a painkiller. Muscle relaxants can give you temporary pain relief from leg or menstrual cramps, but they won’t address the root cause of the pain. Some of these medications come with side effects too, like drowsiness, which can impair your ability to function normally.

CBD for leg cramps or CBD for menstrual cramps can offer you relief from the pain without the need to rely on potentially addictive muscle relaxants. The way that the best CBD oil for menstrual cramps works is down to the endocannabinoid system within your body. These are located mainly in your brain and the central nervous system, which means they can affect a lot of different functions and areas around the human body.

CBD for menstrual cramps contains the main ingredient of cannabidiol, which can act on your central endocannabinoid system in a natural way that will be more familiar for your body. Because CBD for bowel cramps acts on this central system, it can help reduce the pain and the frequency of any cramps you are experiencing.

Effectiveness of CBD leg cramps products

CBD and leg cramps can be alleviated using oils or supplements from our product range. CBD alters the way your central nervous system communicates with the muscles around the body, making it an effective tool against muscle spasms and cramps.

Within your endocannabinoid system is a receptor that is responsible for pain. Knowing ‘is CBD good for menstrual cramps?’ can help reduce the chances of you experiencing sudden and chronic pain that comes with cramping and spasms. Studies into the effectiveness of CBD products relieving pain from cramps has shown that they are effective at reducing pain as well as disturbances in sleep, particularly in people with chronic pain disorders.

In CBD and leg cramps products, there are two different types of anti-inflammatory properties that have been proven to be effective muscle relaxants. Both of these properties can help reduce stress levels, promote better sleep, and have a relaxing effect on your central motor system.

CBD can also help relax the muscles and therefore alleviate cramps because it can reduce your anxiety and increase mood-enhancing neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, in the body. CBD reduces cortisol levels as well, decreasing tension in the body and protecting you from any negative side effects, such as cramps, that are caused by the stress hormone.

Using CBD products for cramps and spasms

Whether you are someone who suffers from cramps occasionally or struggles with chronic pain and muscle spasms, you want effective and fast relief at that moment to provide you with more comfort. There is a huge range of CBD products on offer here on our website that can help with cramp conditions, no matter how serious they are.

Vaping CBD oil means that the product goes straight into your bloodstream from your legs, so the effects of that are pretty much instant. CBD vapes are fast-acting, which can give you on-the-spot relief from muscle cramps and spasms. If you choose to vape CBD products, the relief will typically last from 30 minutes to one hour. A longer-term solution comes with CBD drops, edibles, and capsules.

A topical CBD solution, such as gels, lotions, and salves, is an ideal way of addressing specific soreness and cramps. Topical CBD won’t act as quickly as a CBD vape or drop product would, but by massaging the area with these products, you can benefit from four to six hours of targeted relief. Having a gel or massage oil that contains CBD is a great solution for athletes. Runners and swimmers can get leg cramps very quickly. Treating the affected area with one of these products will provide some relief from the discomfort and can help you get back to training much faster.

When we look at dosage, the amount you will need to take will depend on several factors, including your weight and tolerance. We would always suggest starting with a lower dosage of your chosen CBD product and increase it from there if you need more relief. You should always speak to your physician before taking any sort of CBD product. Even though they have little to no side effects, they can have a negative interaction with some medications.

If you suffer from regular cramping or menstrual pain, these all-natural products can make a huge difference. They have been shown to have a positive impact on spasms and cramps throughout the body, helping you to be more comfortable in times of pain. Their ingredients also have anti-inflammatory properties, which could lead to longer-lasting pain relief.

Products such as these are quickly absorbed into your body and some act immediately to relieve pain instantly. Another great benefit of CBD products is that they relieve tension and stress too. These are common problems with PMS that can make cramps more painful in the long term. CBD directly affects your endocannabinoid system, which will keep your body in balance and feeling healthy.

Using CBD products can naturally support you during cramps without disrupting the natural rhythm of your body. If you’re interested in trying CBD to relieve your cramps, browse our wide range of products today to find one that will suit you.


How much CBD should I take for cramps?

The amount of CBD you take is completely down to your preference. You should start at a low dosage and then slowly increase the amount over time to reach the right dose that alleviates the pain. Everyone is different, so it will be down to your discretion on how much you need to take.

Do I need to consult a doctor before taking CBD for menstrual cramps?

CBD menstrual cramps products should be taken after consulting your doctor or physician. This is especially important if you already have underlying medical conditions that could react with the use of CBD products.

Can CBD gel help leg cramps?

Yes, it can. Rubbing CBD gel into the affected area can alleviate any pain and discomfort associated with muscle spasms and cramps. CBD and leg cramps, along with CBD and chest cramps, can help with spasms in these areas.

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