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If you are struggling with anxiety, you’re not alone. Lots of people suffer with this common mental health condition in the UK. It can be helped by lifestyle changes, therapy, and medication. Traditionally, medication has been a course of prescribed tablets, but recently CBD for anxiety in the UK has become very popular. You can browse all of our anti-anxiety CBD products below or scroll further down this page to learn a little more about CBD and anxiety.

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What is CBD for anxiety?

CBD is a naturally occurring product that comes in various different forms (such as CBD oils or CBD edibles) and can help with lots of different conditions, like anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Anxiety is characterised by worrisome or fearful thoughts about the past, present, or future. Most people experience some sort of anxious feelings at some stage in their life, but anxiety is when these thoughts and feelings significantly impact somebody’s life. If you are feeling this way, you might want to think about some treatment. CBD for anti-anxiety could be a good idea. Buy CBD drops for anxiety online.

How does CBD help anxiety?

Your body has lots of receptors that affect the way that you experience sensations, including emotions. When you take CBD, it is thought to affect the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are attached to the nervous system. These receptors can change the anxiety in your brain.

It’s unsure exactly how this happens, but CBD drops for anxiety is thought to affect your serotonin levels, which is a neurotransmitter made by your body. Low serotonin levels are typical in people with depression and anxiety and CBD can help your body make more of it.

The typical treatment for anxiety is SSRI drugs which produce more serotonin. It is thought by many that CBD has the same effect.

What is the CBD dosage for anxiety?

It is recommended to start with a small dose first and then take more if you do not notice any effect. The dosage will depend on what type of CBD you are taking. For example, if you are taking drops you could start with a couple of drops underneath your tongue once per day. If, after a week, you don’t notice any change, you could increase this dosage.

There is usually a maximum amount of CBD that you should take per day (around 100mg). It will state the dosage that you should not exceed on your CBD packet.

What is the best form of CBD for anxiety?

It really depends on your preferences. You can take CBD in oil for anxiety or try solids, CBD gummies, CBD tea or even CBD crumble. CBD oil for anxiety is one of the most common types – you just put a few drops under your tongue, and gummies, which you eat like sweets. Tea is increasing in popularity, and you can just substitute your normal tea bags with CBD tea bags.

What anxiety symptoms does CBD help with?

After taking CBD oil for anxiety (or any other type of CBD), you may find that you get less anxious thoughts and when they do, they do not affect your mood as much. You may also experience fewer physical symptoms, as these are a reaction to your anxiety. If you also struggle with depression, you may feel a bit happier and in a better mood.

How long does CBD take to work for anxiety?

CBD doesn’t typically eliminate anxiety straight away – you will need to take it regularly for a few days to notice any effects. So, it is recommended to take it for about a week before deciding if you need to increase your dosage.

In fact, you probably won’t just suddenly feel better. Instead, you might get to the end of a day and realise that you’ve felt a lot less anxious and subsequently realise that your CBD for anxiety is working.

Can CBD cause anxiety?

CBD is largely reported to help beat anxiety and many people take it for mental health symptoms. It does not contain any THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient that makes people taking cannabis feel high. However, as with all medications, there are possible side effects, and it could cause anxiety in some people. That being said, these cases are rare, and it is much more likely to help with anxiety. There are a number of CBD uses for anxiety which we’ve covered above.

Are there any other possible side effects of CBD?

There are a few possible side effects of CBD. These include:

Mood alterations

Appetite changes


Dry mouth



Low blood pressure

It must be stressed that these are only possible side effects and are similar to other side effects in other medications. Other anti-anxiety medications, like SSRIs, also have possible side effects that bear some similarities. However, if you are worried about possible side effects, speak to a doctor before taking CBD.

Can CBD react with any other medications?

CBD may react with some other drugs. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough research about CBD yet to know all of the possible drug reactions it could have. If you take any medications, speak to your doctor about whether you can also take CBD for anxiety.

One medication that CBD is known to interact with is the combined pill. It could affect how your body absorbs the pill, thus making it less effective. If you are on the pill, it is recommended to use another form of contraception while you take CBD. You could also consider more permanent forms of contraception, like the coil or implant, which are not thought to interact with CBD.

Where can I buy CBD for anxiety in the UK?

You can buy the best CBD oil for anxiety online at Zeal CBD. We are experts in CBD, so you can guarantee that all of our products are high-quality and safe. Take a look at all of our CBD products and decide what is best for you. You might find that you prefer CBD drops, CBD tea or CBD topicals.

CBD and anxiety FAQs

Is CBD for anxiety in the UK legal?

Yes, CBD is completely legal in the UK, as long as it does not contain traceable amounts of THC. THC is the psychoactive element of cannabis that can make you feel high, and it is the part that makes it illegal.

Is CBD for anxiety safe?

Yes, again as there is no THC, you won’t experience a high feeling. This is why it is legal and makes it very safe to take!

What CBD method is best for anxiety?

It depends on personal preference. You can take CBD drops for anxiety or try chocolate, soft drinks, or patches.

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