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As a skincare product, CBD has a long history of being used to supplement acne routines. Find out more about how to use CBD for acne and other skin complaints now to see whether CBD is the right choice for you.

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Acne can be a problem that many teens and adults face in their lifetime. Whether you have acne on your face, shoulders, back, or anywhere else, this painful inflammatory skin condition can be challenging to get rid of for good. Not only can acne be painful, but it can directly impact the self-esteem of anyone who struggles with this health condition. As a potentially long-term health condition, seeking a solution to acne is a number one priority for anyone that lives with this issue.

From chronic acne to acne caused by eating specific foods or using particular products, CBD acne treatments have quickly grown in popularity as practical additions to a skincare routine. For anyone looking to prevent acne, or those considering CBD serum for acne scars, Zeal CBD has covered all the basics to help you decide whether CBD for acne is the right choice for your needs. Check out our complete guide below to get all the information about what CBD is, what CBD acne products are available, and where to buy CBD acne products online.

What are CBD acne products?

CBD acne scars and treatment products are specifically designed to help heal the skin, reduce inflammation, and eliminate painful pimples and blemishes. While multi-purpose CBD may have a broader application, when you buy CBD acne products online, you’re typically purchasing something topical or with added skincare benefits to boost the effects that your treatment will have on your skin.

As CBD has grown in popularity in the healthcare market, it makes sense that CBD has plenty of application in the beauty market too. CBD in moisturisers, creams, serums and even makeup products is increasingly common. If you want to know how to use CBD for acne, we’ve covered some of the most common CBD products below – but it comes down to personal preference for which type of CBD product is best suited to your skincare routine. CBD products can help prevent spots, while CBD acne scars products target damaged skin left behind after acne is managed.

As a supplement to traditional skincare methods, it is important to check with your doctor if you are on any medical treatment plans for acne before throwing anything else into the mix. But, for everyday acne management, CBD acne products are a safe and practical addition to a standard routine.

What kind of CBD acne treatment is available?

Finding the best CBD product for acne is down to personal preference. With a wide range of products out there, finding the ideal option for you is easy. Here are some of the choices to consider:

CBD serum

CBD serum is a popular choice, allowing for the easy application of CBD either alone or with other effective oils to directly impact on your skin’s condition. CBD serum is best applied following a cleansing and toning routine for best effect.

CBD moisturiser

Both night and day CBD moisturiser can be used when mixed with CBD, or with CBD included as a part of the product. This gives all the benefits of software skin and the benefit of effective CBD application in a targeted area.

CBD masks

Both sheet masks and wash-off masks are available with CBD included, providing a potent way to apply CBD to target areas on the face and body. CBD oil can be missed into existing face masks or DIY masks to your preference.

CBD oil

CBD oil is an all-purpose product that’s ideal for use on both the face and body, allowing you to get the benefit of CBD across a wider surface area. From body oils to droppers, CBD oil comes in many shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

CBD supplements

If you’re looking to get wider-reaching benefits from CBD, opting for CBD supplements gives you a universal solution. If you’d like to target acne in more than one location or feel the other benefits of CBD, a supplement may work well for you.

What benefits do CBD skin care products for acne offer?

Why use CBD for acne? With a whole host of benefits, here are just a few of the reasons why CBD skincare products can help as part of an acne routine:

Less redness from spots

Redness from spots can quickly make even under-the-surface pimples far more visible. CBD reduces inflammation, which in turn works to reduce redness of the skin, making blemishes far less noticeable as a result.

Reduced inflammation from breakouts

Inflammation leads to the tight, painful feeling that acne can cause. By using CBD, you may be able to reduce this inflammation, leaving your skin feeling less sore or tight when breakouts do happen. Reduced inflammation may also mean spots don’t last as long when they do appear.

Smoother, clearer skin

CBD has antioxidant properties that reduce the signs of ageing and the appearance of wrinkles. This can help your overall appearance feel clearer, brighter, and smoother between breakouts, in addition to reducing the pain and outward appearance of acne when it does crop up.

Reduction of scars and acne damage

CBD serum for acne scars is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of dents and divots in the skin. Even without picking, acne can leave behind visible scarring. CBD helps to reduce the overall appearance of that scarring, and reduced inflammation can help to keep the skin smoother in the first place.

What is the best CBD product for acne?

So, which CBD acne product is best for you? That all depends on exactly what you’d like to do and what kind of product would work best for you. If you already have numerous serums in your routine, opting for a supplement may suit you better. For those looking to start a skincare routine from scratch, making CBD oil and moisturiser the foundation of your routine may be your ideal choice.

Buy CBD acne products online now

Ready to invest in CBD to help with your acne? Zeal CBD stocks a wide range of CBD products to help reduce inflammation, smooth your skin, and reduce the pain and damage that acne can cause. Browse our complete collection of CBD acne products, from CBD serum for acne scars to CBD oil for smoother skin, online now. We’ve got something to suit everyone, whether you’re looking to shake up your skincare routine or add some CBD into an existing treatment plan. Shop our range now to get started.


Can I use CBD for acne with other acne treatments?

If you are already using a treatment routine for your acne, introducing CBD can be a great way to add even more effectiveness to your skincare. If your routine is medically prescribed through a doctor or dermatologist, we would recommend consulting with them first.

Can CBD help with acne and other skin problems?

CBD for acne can help with a range of skin problems, from acne scars and inflammation to redness and wrinkles. As an effective and non-reactive product, it helps to support healthier skin – especially alongside an established skincare routine.

Does acne CBD oil help with normal spots?

CBD oil is effective in reducing inflammation, which occurs both with acne and with normal breakouts. You may find that acne CBD oil or serum provides you with relief from the redness and inflammation that bad breakouts can cause.

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