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can you use CBD to quit smoking

Can You Use CBD to Quit Smoking?


Nowadays, there is an abundance of CBD products on the market, with many online CBD shops advocating the health benefits of CBD. Indeed, advancements in scientific research has meant that scientists have been able to study and prove the many health benefits associated with CBD, and here, we aim to offer insight on a popular question – can CBD help you quit smoking?


What is CBD?


Before we go any further, it’s important to provide a brief overview of CBD.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the two most prominent chemicals derived from the cannabis sativa plant.  Most importantly, CBD is not associated with the ‘highs’ that are experienced with cannabis. In fact, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the other most prominent chemical which is responsible for causing the ‘high’ associated with cannabis. In contrast to THC, CBD has a positive impact on the brain and has become renowned for its role in health and wellbeing, with a vast amount of CBD products appearing on the market.


Can CBD Oil Help with Quitting Smoking?


Thanks to an increased interest in CBD among scientists, we have been able to learn more about CBD and the way it works to benefit our health and wellbeing. Most importantly, we have a much better understanding of the science behind its magic.

Our endocannabinoid system is responsible for many processes within the body and plays a huge role in the overall balance of our wellbeing, impacting important areas such as sleep, pain, mood, metabolism, and more.

When taken, CBD interacts with our ECS, meaning it can help maintain the equilibrium of the ECS and the multitude of biological processes and systems. By binding with receptors in the ECS, CBD can help balance our physical and cognitive functioning. Supplementing CBD oil helps you maintain a sufficient level of your own cannabinoids and thus reduces the dysfunction of these processes. In this way, CBD can assist in improving mood, general wellbeing, physical ailments, all without getting you high in the same way THC does.


So, can CBD oil help with quitting smoking? Below, we explain a few ways how we can use CBD to quit smoking:


Withdrawal Symptoms – When an addiction isn’t fed, withdrawal symptoms begin to appear. These can develop within a few days and very uncomfortable feelings of irritability, anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, high blood pressure, headaches, and depression. The way in which CBD interacts with our ECS can help rebalance things.

Curbs Cravings – CBD is said to help reduce cravings, whether that’s smoking, drugs, alcohol, or food. Using CBD products can have a positive effect when it comes to counteracting cravings when going through withdrawal because of the way it interacts with adenosine and serotonin within the brain.

Eases Anxiety – Low mood can often lead to impulsive decisions being made as a quick fix to help us feel better. CBD helps to reduce anxiety and stress, which can often be a cause many people to give in to their cravings and cues, meaning that reducing these feelings in day-to-day life, can help to reduce the need to turn to harmful substances and give people a way to deal with life without turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms. CBD interacts with the dopamine receptors in the brain. This chemical when produced is responsible for us feeling pleasure. As well as this, it can also help to reduce the rate of relapse and feelings of impulsivity.

Reduces Consumption – Various research has touched upon the effects of CBD’s indirect interaction with our own CB1 receptors. Anandamide — one of the two major endocannabinoids known as “the bliss molecule” is increased during CBD use. As a result, CBD is thought to lessen the pleasurable effects of nicotine as it boosts our own natural feel-good chemicals.


How to Use CBD Oil to Quit Smoking?


Here are a few pointers on how to use CBD oil to quit smoking:

High-Quality Products – It’s vital to use a trusted supplier when purchasing CBD. It’s important to ensure that the CBD producer you opt to go with is approved by the CTA. A reputable supplier of CBD will have the CTA stamp on their website, so it’s something to look out for.

Start with Lower Doses – Due to individual differences, CBD will affect people differently. There is currently no clear research on the correct dosage for using CBD to quit smoking. Instead, it’s advised to with a low dose until you know how your body will react to CBD. Your weight, current medications, and unique chemistry will impact your optimum dosage. The general rule of thumb seems to be sticking with a low dose for about a week before increasing it.

Use Full-Spectrum CBD Oil – CBD that is full spectrum is said to be the most effective. This is because all the other cannabinoids remain in the product to a certain extent. These all bind together to allow the CBD to properly work within your body, giving you the maximum benefits that CBD has to offer. By using a product to unleash its full potential just as you will with a full-spectrum CBD product, you can reap many more rewards than otherwise.


Using CBD to Quit Smoking – Other Considerations


Many people wonder whether there are any downfalls of using CBD to quit smoking. Though smoking marijuana can be habit-forming, CBD is non-toxic, meaning it doesn’t cause unwanted addiction, substance misuse, or alter your brain function like when you smoke marijuana (cannabis).

As with all supplements, CBD can have side effects for some. It’s possible that you could be allergic to certain terpenes such as linalool and D-limonene that are present in CBD. It’s also advised to begin on lower doses and work your way up, as different amounts will have different results for different people. It’s advised to tailor your CBD uptake according to your needs, listening to your body while you go.

Stress can make it hard to unwind at the end of the day, leaving you feeling sluggish and drained no matter how much you try and relax. Many people use smoking as a stress-reliever given the effects of nicotine on the brain. The more you use CBD, the more you will come to learn the calming effects of CBD – hence why more and more people are turning to CBD to help calm their minds and body holistically. Consequently, you may find CBD becomes a healthy replacement to smoking.

Jay is a CBD enthusiast and wellness expert who has spent many years studying the impacts of CBD on the human body and on pets such as dogs and cats. His expertise crosses both the physical and mental impacts of CBD. Jay is a regular consumer of products such as gummies and oils, and is passionate about sharing the wide ranging benefits of CBD.

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