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Does Topical CBD Work?

Whether it’s chocolates, energy drinks, candles or clothing, CBD is everywhere as more and more people are learning about the many benefits associated with it. Now, this ingredient is taking over the skincare and topicals world and is in a range of different products to help manage skin concerns, muscle pain and joint pain. In this article, we will look at what CBD is, if you can use CBD topically for pain and if you can use topical CBD while pregnant.

What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent active component in cannabis. The first is THC which is the main psychoactive found in the cannabis plant and is the cause of the ‘high’ feeling that is associated with smoking cannabis. Unlike its counterpart, THC, CBD isn’t psychoactive and is thought to have a multitude of benefits for improving general health and wellbeing as well as targeting certain illnesses, such as:

  • Alleviating anxiety and stress
  • Easing depression
  • Managing pain
  • Reducing PTSD symptoms
  • Treating epilepsy symptoms

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant and diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or hemp seed oil. It is thought to interact with the endocannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system. These receptors control multiple functions in the body such as mood, sleep, pain, appetite and more. Many people opt for taking CBD supplements to get their daily dose of this ingredient. These supplements come in a range of forms such as CBD oil, CBD gummies, drinks like CBD tea and CBD coffee, and even CBD topicals.

CBD topicals are a quick, safe and efficient way to reap the benefits of CBD topically. You can the best CBD skincare like body lotion or muscle and joint balm to help target pain directly or soothe inflamed skin.

CBD Skincare

CBD is known for its healing properties and it offers some incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits which can be beneficial in treating skin concerns like dryness, sensitivity and free radical damage. CBD is a gentle ingredient and is considered safe to use topically. If you have a reaction to your CBD topical product, it’s likely another ingredient causing the reaction.

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, certain CBD topicals may be useful for reducing potential triggers of eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. As CBD can help to soothe skin and reduce irritation, it may be a great option for people with sensitive skin. There have been multiple studies that explore the effects of CBD on humans for acne. These studies have found that CBD can prevent your skin from producing too much sebum that causes acne.

Choosing your ideal CBD skincare or topical product can be overwhelming, however, you should look for mentions ‘cannabidiol’, ‘hemp’, ‘broad-spectrum CBD’, ‘full-spectrum CBD’ or ‘hemp CBD’ as this will benefit your skin the most.

How Do CBD Topicals Work?

High quality, potent CBD topicals are thought to offer temporary relief from pain and soreness. Due to the high concentration of cannabinoid receptors in the skin, it’s thought that when CBD is applied topically, it activates the endocannabinoid system through those receptors. The CBD then binds to the cannabinoid receptors in your epidermal and dermal skin which may result in the alleviation of pain and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD is therefore great for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dry or sensitive skin.

Topical CBD is great for localised problems and you will only see or feel results where you use it. For example, applying CBD to your legs if you are experiencing elbow pain won’t be beneficial.

Can You Use CBD Oil Topically For Pain?

A CBD topical is any CBD infused lotion, cream or moisturiser that is applied directly to the skin. You can use CBD oil topically for pain, skin conditions and general skin maintenance due to the calming and pain-relieving effects of CBD. Due to their localised effects, you can use CBD oil topically for pain for quick and effective results. Topical CBD formulations also tend to include additional ingredients to enhance an analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, the answer to ‘can you use CBD oil topically for pain?’ is a big yes.

Are CBD Topical Creams Good For Arthritis?

Some evidence suggests that topical CBD cream may help with arthritis, inflammation and chronic pain. Although there is limited evidence that CBD topical creams are good for arthritis, many people have reported signs of improvement from using CBD topicals.

Animal trials using CBD for arthritis show promising results, and some human trials have reported positive signs whether that be pain relief, sleep improvement or anxiety reduction. Therefore, the answer to ‘are CBD topical creams good for arthritis?’ isn’t a solid ‘yes’ for everyone, but is a great option for those wanting to try natural solutions.

Can You Use Topical CBD While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a time that is filled with joy and excitement but can also be filled with anxiety about your journey and pregnancy symptoms like nausea, insomnia and pain. Although CBD is a great natural remedy to alleviate your anxiety and pregnancy symptoms, many experts say to err on the side of caution when it comes to CBD and to skip this until more studies have been carried out to understand the effects of CBD on your body and growing baby.

One of the reasons that CBD is deemed too risky for pregnant women and growing babies is that CBD oil can contain traces of things that could be dangerous for a developing baby such as THC. Even though topical CBD may seem like a safer option, many experts recommend avoiding all types of CBD products to reduce the risks of anything going wrong during your pregnancy or during breastfeeding.

If you want to try a CBD topical, we recommend speaking to your doctor regarding if you can use topical CBD while pregnant. Your doctor can let you know if they deem it safe and effective for you and suggest alternative options if necessary.

Jay is a CBD enthusiast and wellness expert who has spent many years studying the impacts of CBD on the human body and on pets such as dogs and cats. His expertise crosses both the physical and mental impacts of CBD. Jay is a regular consumer of products such as gummies and oils, and is passionate about sharing the wide ranging benefits of CBD.

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